Floodlight gets triggered by headlights reflecting off parked cars

Recently my floodlight started getting triggered by passing cars headlights reflecting off of my parked cars . Makes no sense

Any reason ? Setting a detection zone around the parked car fixes it , but I need to have that area in my detection zones for motion detection . I don’t wanna be blocking my car off every night . Ugh another issue with my floodlight ://////


Could you please submit a log for this one? Thanks!

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Yes , what all should I include into the log ?

Also i notice this, the lights get triggered when I’m viewing them . For example like the cars headlights that triggered my v3 and the floodlight . I was viewing the live feed when that happened .

When motion happens and I’m viewing the live feed , that’s when my floodlights get trigger but when I’m not viewing the live feed the floodlights do not get triggered … weird behavior

Just the camera log id and the detailed time that weird thing happens (Would be great if happens in the past 2 days). We will take a look and see what might trigger that first. Thanks!


It happened again last night !!

Here’s the log id number for when the floodlight got triggered on in the video included in my initial post

This is the log for the floodlight when it got triggered again last night on the 19th of August . I have reduced the pir sensor range but a cars headlights should not be triggered on a floodlight when the floodlights been set to only turn on when motions been detected by a pir sensor !

Floodlight continues to get triggered by cars headlights . This time no vehicle in frame for the headlights to reflect off of .

Please fix this Wyze @WyzeDesmond

It looks to me like it is detecting motion via the camera even though you have it off. Maybe try turning on ‘Motion detected by camera’ back out of it so it saves, then go back in and turn it off and see if maybe it resets it. Only thing I can think of currently.

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Will do , thanks .

Sorry for the constant bother but this floodlight is just a constant stick in the mud for me . 9 months of having it and it’s been a terrible experience . On my 2nd unit so far … 3rd one might be coming soon

Hi Rulwiz. Just had some feedbacks from our dev team. They were wondering if you could change the sensitivity to low and try again? And if there could be more logs submitted I will really apprecaite that.

Thanks again!

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I will change it to low and see if that fixes it

But the pir sensor is not good , and when on low the pir sensor does not detect people until very late .

When on low , I’ll walk out to my car , get in , and when i pull out of my driveway the floodlights come on

Same when it’s on high sensitivity as well

It fails to turn on quickly .

The pir sensor definitely needs some work done !

My old dumb floodlight was more reliable than this

Not blaming it on you but just the design of it . Been poor and I’ve had a bad experience with this floodlight unit

And yes I had 3 events over the weekend where the floodlight got triggered by headlights again . Haven’t had the chance , but I’ll submit some logs and pass them to you

Thank you for the help , I really appreciate it

So just want to check real quick here. Where is the PIR sensor facing right now? Any chance you could lower the angel of it to make sure it cover more straight down?

This is when I first installed the floodlight , I have moved the pir sensor more downwards facing the ground but the little swivel thing can NOT go any lower

Which is why i have requested for the next floodlight version to have a bottom pir sensor facing downwards . Bc like my situation when on a wall it can not detect what’s below it and the pir sensor neck swivel thing cannot go any lower .

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Thank you for doing this. Please keep me updated for any testing results and new logs.

Changing the sensitivity to low helped with the false motion light activations by cara headlights but after switching it to low sensitivity i again am suffering from really late motion light activation.

Even after setting the pir sensor range to 64% I have to literally be right below it for it to trigger on…

This is why I had the sensitivity set to high so it could trigger quicker on but it would get triggered by all of the motion events like cars headlights , bugs , ligjt changes , cars , etc .

Please pass the word up to Wyze that this floodlight needs some work done . Especially on the pir sensor .

And to add more capabilities to the pir sensor .

For example add a bottom sensor so it can detect what’s right below it . And also add the ability to customize each pir sensoe zone individuality!