Floodlight gets triggered by a persons shadow

My floodlight gets triggered by my shadow at night

These are my settings

Any help here , thanks

This is actually not completely abnormal for PIR sensors in general. I learned this when I was using the V1 motion sensors outside on my front porch and shadows sometimes triggered as movement. I did a little research on it and it turns out this happens sometimes. PIR sensors detect heat changes, in some cases this can include that which is emitted from light, and whether the light is alternating. So changes in light patterns are in some cases enough to set off the detector. This is more common with sunlight light that is very close to it, and not very common with far light like from car headlights…because it’s not really the light change, but related to the heat change. I looks like the shadow had to first block the main light source first in your video. It may also depend on the positioning and range of the PIR. I know you pointed it downward to some degree, and it is possible that some of the PIR is sensing a piece of the person or their radiating heat even though it is not on the camera view directly.

Anyway, a quick search online shows there are several other people who have reported shadows triggering other PIR sensors, so it seems like it will do so in some cases when the shadow is disrupting enough heat to cause heat fluctuation, though it doesn’t seem to be extremely common as things like car headlights for a distance rarely have an effect.

On the plus side, this means your floodlight will trigger for you slightly faster! Like while you’re leaving, it sees the shadow and turns on the floodlight so you can see outside before your body has even entered that area. Sounds like a big plus to me. :+1:

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I still notice my floodlight will get triggered by cars sometimes and even theirs headlights . I’ve tilted the camera facing downwards and the pir sensor as well and it still triggers it sometimes

Interesting. Seems like you’ve been doing some good testing on it with your sensitivity settings and such. I’m not sure I have better suggestions than the things you’re trying. If you end up getting one of the other motion sensors it will be interesting to see if those are a little less sensitive to light/shadow in your environment. If that is the case, you can probably use rules to have them control your light instead of the built-in PIR.

I have not been able to find the perfect settings to my liking in 9 months :frowning::frowning::frowning:

If I adjust it one way , it’ll get triggered on by cars headlights , if i lower the pir range it won’t detect me unless I’m right below it , if I expand the range , it gets triggered by a lot of motion .

Im trying to find that sweet spot , and I’m just very unsuccessful

Ah, the joys headache of smart device tweaking… :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to hear what differences you see with the Wyze sense motion sensors

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