Floodlight false Motion light activations

Here I go again complaining about my floodlight but this thing has given me nothing but headaches the last 8 months .

The pir sensor on the unit is very bad , seems to get triggered by spider webs, bugs , rain , etc but won’t get triggered on when i walk past it

I’m constantly dealing with false motion light activations , will contact support and see if I can get another unit , but if that one fails I’m sorry to wyze but I’ll have no other choice but to go with a different brand floodlight camera I’m tired of an unreliable floodlight that seems to only turn on when it wants to.

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Is this the cam that you turned off the IR emitters to stop floodlight activations in the rain?

Did it also reduce the bug activations?

In reality, it seems that the PIR sensor is actually really good in that it reacts so quickly to an IR signature that quickly.

Granted, the IR signature was mere millimeters from the sensor and probably looked like a giant blob, but the settings UI you posted looks to be highly adjustible. I have been waiting to pull the trigger on the floodlight until I have a need to replace what I have.

I like the idea that you can adjust the field distance as well as the intensity.

Were you able to increase the field distance and intensity settings with the emitters off? Did it improve the performance of the PIR?

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Yes this is the floodlight camera unit .

At first it did , and then now randomly it seems to be getting triggered even after turning off the ir lights to give that over exposure and mirror effect you described . It even got triggered by a cars headlights that was reflecting off my car . Makes no sense this thing sucks

Not really , I kept my settings the same and just turned off the ir lights . It improved the triggering of the floodlights when i stepped out in front of it , before when I had the Ir lights on and i walk outside it would take about 20 seconds to turn on and now when i walk outside it turns on quite instantly but now it seems to get triggered by cars headlights reflecting off my cars which is in range of the pir sensor but it’s just complicated with this device

It’s not good . If you want a floodlight I would really go somewhere else , it’s just my experience with it .

The only reason I have this unit is bc I can add the second v3 for additional coverage . No other floodlight cameras offer this , the only I can think of would be the eufy floodlight cam pro that has the motion tracking camera that will follow a person but that may lead to events being missed out . Which is why I got the wyze floodlight bc I’m able to record 24/7 with the v3 and cover both my entrance to my driveway and my neighbors property who have requested that I cover that side of their property because they don’t have any cameras their yet

And the other camera covers the end where I park my cars and that side of the property but every day it acts differently . Too much of a head ache

I’ve had google nest , eufy , and ring floodlight cameras and i never had as many issues with theirs and since day one of this floodlight camera with wyze nothing but problems . None of the others re engineered the way wyze has engineered theirs , by connecting the camera and the pir sensor together all the other brands have them separate .

Also the cameras go offline frequently , mine go offline about 2-3 times a month . I installed a wyze switch to the switch that controlled the floodlight so I could turn off the floodlight and turn it back on through the app whenever it goes offline.

A lot of others issues with the floodlight , check the reviews to it on the app and websites . Loads of them , to each their own . Tread lightly…

I will wait it out and see if it improves but I’ll definitely replace it with something better

I will assume that you still only have the PIR activating the light and not the Cam pixelation motion detection.

Headlights off of a reflective surface will still activate a PIR if bright enough and sensitivity is high enough. All white light still has IR within the spectrum. Reflect enough of it into a sensitive PIR and it will activate.

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Yes , pir detection only

Yea I get that but it shouldn’t turn on bc of that

I’ve had other branded floodlight cameras and never had a single false motion light activation with those other brands . With wyze it’s every single night , it’s ridiculous. It turns on when it’s not supposed to but doesnt turn on when it is supposed to

My old dumb floodlight that I have for 3 years was never this bad

Same here

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Same issues here too

Turn off the ir lights

No more false motion light activations by dust, bugs , and rain

Turn off the ir lights

Will try tonight, thank you!

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