Floodlight camera switches to b&w mode since firmware update

Since the latest update, my floodlight camera sporadically switches to Black and White IR Night Vision mode, even though the Night Vision Mode is always set to “off,” since I keep the floodlight on from sunset to sunrise. When I notice a b&w feed on the app, I have to toggle the Night Vision Mode from off, to on, back to off again, in order to switch it back to color. In the past, the V3 camera on the floodlight has always displayed a color feed. This problem started right after the latest firmware update. Could it be a firmware bug that is causing this issue?

I have 2 floodlights and updated both to the 4054 firmware but don’t see this issue.

Just to be safe, I did restart the Floodlight after the firmware update though: Settings > Accessories > Floodlight > Restart

Thanks for the reply. My floodlight camera, and the V3 camera that’s hooked up to it, both restart everyday at 6;30 am, because of a rule. I’ll change the time to later in the day, and see if that fixes this glitch.

Just to be clear, I restarted the floodlight. I’m not sure if restarting the camera would restart the floodlight as well. I did that to “refresh” any connection the floodlight needed to make with the camera firmware.

Although night vision seems to be a camera-only issue, you never know…