Floodlight Cam v3 control of lamp socket

As the Floodlight contains a Cam v3 it should be able to control the Lamp Socket linked group.

Typical Use Case 1
Most outside lights are controlled from a single switch powering multiple lights. For example:
a single switch may control the front floodlights on the two front corners of the house while another switch may control the back floodlights.
a single switch may control two garage coach lights and a porch light.

The floodlight Cam v3 with the Lamp Socket should be able to control these other lights if it had the same functionality that a Cam v3 attached to a Lamp Socket has.

Use Case 2
House has two standard floodlight fixtures on front of the house controlled by switch and two standard floodlight fixtures on the back of the house. Each set has independent switch to control it’s set of fixtures. Replacing a fixture with a Wyze Floodlight Cam v3 without a means to control the remaining fixture means the remaining fixture would be on during the daylight hours if it doesn’t have some sort of photoelectric sensor. If the installed Floodlight Cam v3 could control the remaining fixture with installed Lamp Sockets it would provide a clean installation option.