Floodlight bottom pir sensor

Not sure if it’ll be possible to add this to the current pir sensor on the v1 floodlight , but I would like to see a bottom sensor on the pir sensor .

This would be for being able to detect people when they walk right underneath the floodlight , as I have walked underneath it and it does not detect me only when I walk out more and get in the range of the pir sensor .

A bottom sensor would be a nice addition

Heh, make sure you vote for your Wish. Tap on the Blue Vote button :slight_smile: :



Thank you . Does wyze review the wishlist ?

From what I understand they do look at it. The greater the votes the better the chances.

We do look at the #Wishlist but there are many considerations to look at along with votes. We have many, many requests competing for limited developmental resources so we also have to look at potential development cost, interaction with other products/features, and ease of implementation. This is why you may see things with low vote totals implemented and items with high vote counts still not implemented.


Thanks for the explanation. :+1:

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