Floodlight - Add ability to independently control each PIR sensor zone

It would be nice if there were more “near/far” controls. Like if each of the three sections could be adjusted differently for distance as well as being able to turn each one on or off independently.

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Customizable PIR sensor zones

The ability to customize each PIR sensor zone individually

This setting should’ve been implemented by now . Other brands floodlight cameras have this feature in their settings . Very disappointed in Wyze’s attention towards the floodlight

I desperately need this feature . Where I have my floodlight installed at its at a high traffic area. It’s covering my driveway and installed up against a wall. The left sensor covers the entrance to my driveway , the middle one is covering the middle of the driveway and my neighbors yard , and the right one is covering the end where I park my car at and also the end of the house .

My floodlight is constantly being triggered on by cars passing by my house driving up and down the road , my neighbors.

If the floodlight has the ability to customize each individual pir sensor zone I could reduce the coverage of the left and middle sensor. But since it does NOT, it means that if you reduce or raise the coverage it goes for all 3 pir sensors.

Please Wyze what’s the hold up on implementing anything , just ANYTHING to the floodlight ?

I know it’s a low voted wishlist request but understand that this would be beneficial to us the users .

Can we please get an answer as to why this hasn’t been responded to or at least get an answer as to why it can’t be . If not , then the v2 floodlight can , but I would love to get a response from someone !!!

This has been tagged “probably not” :smiling_face_with_tear:

Why? This should be implemented, hopefully the v2 floodlight will have this feature. If not then serious questions need to be brought up to wyze on how other smart floodlight cameras can have this feature but not wyze’s own floodlight can’t…