Flooded Vacuum still works

I just wanted to pass on what I think is a near miracle. On the evening of June 18 and early am hours of June 19 my homme flooded after this area got 12 inches of rain on 4 hours. My home has almost 3 inches throughout the house for about 4-5 hours. With all that was going on I really didn’t think about the vacuum until the next day and realized it had been submerged. Once daylight came and the water receded I began to remove all the wall sheetrock and insulation to begin a drying process that took 10 days. All my furniture was set on the driveway to dry and then stored in my garage while the insulation and sheetrock were installed. Texturing the walls and painting took another 6 weeks. Last week I was about to just drop the vac in the dumpster but decided to give it a try. The floor maap was gone so I asked the vac to remap my house - it worked and has been cleaning this entire week.