Flood Like Detections = USELESS

ive been using the floodlight for a couple months. when a shadow from a tree branch moves it activiates, when it rains it activates…when a car pulls up or a person walks by, it doesnt activate…you pick up a random persons foot or the tail end of a car.

my favorite video to review, is when i car drives by at night, and all the video captures is the flood light turning on.

has anyone else experienced this super crummy functionality?

i feel like i made a wrong choice.

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Make sure you have the floodlight set to activate by PIR only. This can be set in the cams settings > accessories > floodlight.

You also may wanna tweak the sensitivity and other PIR settings.

That’s what we’ve been all doing for over a year yet the floodlight still gets triggered on by motion even when the floodlights set to ONLY turn on by pir sensor detection…

This is not meant towards you @IEatBeans but it becomes very frustrating when we’re told to mess with the pir sensor range settings when that’s all we’ve been doing and nothing seems to work

The pir sensor on this thing sucks!

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How’s your floodlight set to ?

Go to your floodlight settings screen and take a screenshot

Also is it getting triggered too much ? And are you missing out on events ?

What triggers the floodlights on ? Leafs blowing and cars driving by ?