Flashing your WyzeCam v2 firmware

Please make sure it is a v2 camera since v1 and v2 camera has different ways to flash. To identify your camera model, you can go to Settings -> Device Info and check for model. v1 model is Wyze Cam and v2 model is Wyze Cam v2.

We also published a video for flashing at WYZE CAM - FLASHING FIRMWARE - YouTube. You can take a look and verify the steps.

If you have verified your models and steps, please contact support@wyzecam.com for a camera replacement.


Note: for v1, the flashing steps are at https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/flashing-your-wyzecam-v2-firmware.

Thanks, mine is definitely a v2 cam and I’ve checked and rechecked all the steps for flashing the cam. Still no luck, I already have ticket#45445 open on it. I guess the only thing I can do now is contact support for a replacement.

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Sorry that didn’t work for you. Our CS team will take care of your ticket. If there is any issue with replacement, let me know. Thanks!

If I were Wyze, I would only accept connections from cameras that were sold by Wyze, because the cloud storage is costing them something. These cameras have unique identifiers, so at least in theory, they could check and not allow use based on the id of the camera.

You might be able to use stuff from the openipc project https://github.com/openipcamera/openipc-firmware

There was a alpha version released for the v2 camera on April 27, 2018.

I have tried openipc and it worked. However for now I am sticking with wyze cam’s service for ease of use. I assumed that Xiaofang and WyzeCam are actually the same company given how identical their cameras are, such that they are exchangeable.

In any case I have bought a few WyzeCams and am using them. My Xiaofangs are collecting dust.


How long does it take them to work out a replacement? I sent a request concerning ticket #45445 and I’m still waiting on a response from CS.


I got everything reviewed and set to our exchange team. You should have an email requesting some information about your order. I have also put this on the radar of the team member who will process the exchange once we have that information. Sorry about the delay!

Thanks so much, I’m in communications with Max now and am coordinating the exchange.

I appreciate the help,


I tried Openipc on my new Wyze v2 camera, but no luck. Have you got it to work on a V2 camera?

How long does it take to get a response and replacement camera for a bricked V2?

Support Ticket #52893


Received new V2 last week, powered it on and it was working fine. Then there was a firmware update that has seemed to fail and brick the V2. I have tried to manually re-flash the firmware using the steps in the top thread with no luck. Solid yellow light.



Hello! I’m gunna grab up your ticket. Expect a reply soon!

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Quite a while back, I had an issue upgrading from I think to where I lost audio. Solved by flashing via SD. I just reclaimed another cam I’d loaned out & after upgrading from to had the same lost audio issue (along with image quality not improving). Also solved by flashing via SD. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was having trouble flashing this time until I realized I’d renamed the Zip file instead of the actual Bin file within! It was late, I was tired, but once I caught my error all was well again. :slight_smile:

The manual Update worked, whereas the update from the App kept failing. The only thing is I could not copy the .bin file to the root directory of the SD card, I had to copy it to the \Main directory.

My Ticket number is 59506,

I have downloaded the firmware as required :

Here is the instruction: (different from v1 firmware)

  1. Download a specific version of firmware, unzip it, put it on root directory of your SD card and rename it to ‘demo.bin’
  2. Power off your camera, insert your SD card
  3. Hold the setup button, plug in your USB cable, keep holding the setup button for 3-6 seconds
  4. Once the light is solid blue, release the button and wait for 3-4 minutes. The camera will reboot and change light status during this time.
  5. After it is done, your camera should be functioning with original setup. No need to re-setup your camera!

I still getting a yellow / blue blinking light.

So I have also tried to reconnect but I never hear it say get ready to connect. I have not heard from support again to see what we can do to replace this unit. Its getting frustrating that now body is answering or returning emails after I have done what they asked of me.


Thank you,



Hello! thanks for bringing this up. I spoke with the tech handling your ticket and you should be hearing from them soon!

The camera setup process sucks! I’ve reviewed all of the forums, tried the hard reset process, tried to manually flash a new version, etc., all to no avail:

Stuck infinitely at the flashing blue light. It gets scans the QR code, quickly changes from blue/yellow flashing to blue flashing but then never ever ever ends (I let it run for 14 hours continuously).

I’ve done the hard reset (30 seconds holding the reset button), nothing changes.

I manually updated to the latest firmware ( on one of them, no change.

I need to return these, completely FUBAR.


Another complaint about the Wyze App on iOS … if you are on WiFi, it doesn’t work at all!! You have to turn WiFi off for it to advance to any next screen.

Are you using iOS 11.4 (the latest release)?

My network: CenturyLink 100Mbps router with a Netgear range extender, from which I am specifically using the 2.4GHz band.

Hi, it seems like your home network can’t access our cloud server. Flashing blue light means your camera can’t connect to the server. When you mentioned your phone app can’t advance to next page, it was very likely because we couldn’t get a QR code from server.

Just for testing purpose, if you can open personal hotspot from your phone and use that SSID/password to setup, you should pass the flashing blue state. Of course, this is for diagnostic purpose only.

Our server is api.wyzecam.com. If you can’t access it you will get the error like you saw. Can you check if you have tweak some network settings to get through it?

Yes, you are correct, it works if I use my mobile phone as a wifi hotspot.

I logged into my WAN router (CenturyLink) and I do not block anything … no MAC address filtering, no websites blocked, etc.

Ping, via DNS, resolves api.wyzecam.com to: api-1426255758.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com [] but cannot reach it.

Traceroute looks like:

Traceroute Results
Hop Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Host / IP Address
1 2.748ms 2.936ms 2.585ms
2 2.985ms 3.151ms 2.765ms
3 32.006ms 265.827ms 31.903ms
4 32.284ms 32.652ms 32.678ms
5 33.172ms 33.191ms 33.604ms
6 33.167ms 33.078ms 32.634ms
7 N/A N/A N/A N/A

So access is being blocked somewhere along the route, no idea why, but it simply cannot be accessed via my network.

Does that mean that these are basically useless and I have to return them?