Flashes on Wyze camera

Hi Everyone:

Does anyone understand the modeling or flashing that I am seeing on my camera?

See https://cloud.boulder.swri.edu/index.php/s/CGpPNCBkCsspVu6

Best two guesses are a bunch of bugs or rain, and the ground and sky does not look like it’s raining.
So bugs.

Thanks for the reply. However, this is a camera issue. These things are not real. No one else has this problem?

Welcome to the Wyze community @haltriumph!
It does look like bugs or rain. Are you sure that there is nothing in front of the camera?
I have never seen this type of artifact on the image before.

Zoom in on the video and do a frame-by-frame advance. Rain or not, they are drops of clear liquid.

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Here is a blow up of one of the frames


It does look like a raindrop. But, it is against a bright blue sky. The only thing I can think of is that we are seeing melting snow coming off the roof of the house.

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That’s most likely what is in the video you posted.


Hi @haltriumph and welcome to the Community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, have not seen this particular problem on any of the Wyze cameras.
Which model camera is this? Are the IR lamps set to ON?

Try in a different location. Looks like bugs swarming. Its springtime when lot of things are hatching. You can always capture a log file and attach it to a Support Ticket for review by the Wyze Wizards.

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