Fixed Waypoint Position when Pan Cam Turned Off

When I power off my Cam Pan I turn it to face the wall before shutting down. Just to add an extra piece of mind that it is not able to see anything.

It would be nice if there was power off waypoint. So when I click “Turn Off” it goes to that point and powers off.

As an user who is using Wyze Cam Pan at home I would like to be able to set the “turn off pan position” when I turn off the camera.

That would make my family members more comfortable to visually indicate that camera is really turned off and pointing for example to the wall.

Would be useful to have an “off” position setting for pan cameras. I know myself and others would like the camera to pan to a set position when turned off. Like point to the wall when not in use for example.


Totally agree,
just sent a request to Wyze for this and they pointed out to come to forums.
My thinking is exactly the same, having a “turn off” position would be really great.

feature request, ability to set a parking position where the cam-pan would turn before turning off.
I want to turn the cam-pan to zero degrees so that my guests do not feel under surveillance when the camera is not active

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Is there a way to set a default position for the wyze pan when the camera is turned off? For instance, I keep ip cameras in our bedrooms. When they are off, I have them pointed up towards the ceiling instead of into the room. When we are away from home and the house is “armed” the camera then tilts back to a normal view into the room.

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I have moved your question to this relevant #wishlist topic. You can vote for it at the top-left. :slight_smile:

I would love to have the possibly to create a task that if I arrive home the cam turn 180° and then turn off or only turn. It is for security reasons, if I have a camera indoors and I do not want it to record me while I am inside the only way to be sure that it is not doing it is if it is pointing directly to a wall (for example).

Thanks in advance! Great product!

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I only use the cam when I’m not home. It would be amazing that if it’s scheduled to go off at a certain time, or I manually turn it off, that before it actually goes offline, it spins to face a specified “off position”. Right now, I manually turn the camera to face the wall before turning it off as it gives me peace of mind, especially when guests are in the house.

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This would be an amazing feature and would go a long way toward giving guests a sense of privacy (we use cam for pet monitoring when we’re not at home).