Fix-It Friday 5/6/22

I would also request that I can’t pause runs while walking.

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Last but not least, can we please make it so if I accidently press on the run option, I can press the back button to exit it, I have to wait 4 seconds to get out of it.


Cannot Select Wyze Cameras when building Alexa Routines in the Alexa App.

Identified on 4/23 using Alexa 2.2.471115 (and newer)
tested daily since 4/23 still not working

I have created a Support Ticket with Wyze (even though sure this is not a Wyze issue)

Wyze Support Ticket - 1994898
Amazon Support Ticket - V561850792


I would love google integration for you Wyze robot vac please

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Sometimes 1 Notification Not able to be swiped/cleared as normal

I have a weird issue with Wyze Event notifications on Android. Every once in a while one of the Event Notifications gets “locked” and can’t be swiped away. All the other notifications can get swiped/cleared, but a random one will get locked and not allow it. I then have to hard press on the locked event notification - choose Settings - Toggle off notifications then toggle it back on and then it is fixed for a while, but eventually the issue recurs. I have “Running in the Background” turned off, so it is not that, but it acts similar to that, just with a notification being locked into the notification shade and unable to be cleared. This has been happening basically all year long with several different app versions and different Wyze devices and not happening with any of my other 300+ apps, just Wyze Event notifications (and it is not consistent).

Just checking if anyone else ever experiences this “bug” on theirs.


When home monitoring is activated, Sense Keypad usually says something like “Alarm active, please enter pin to disarm”. However, it doesn’t always happen, sometimes it just activates silently and the alarm goes off after 30 seconds. How can I make sure that the message is always announced?

I submitted a log one time when that happened 558716.
Some more discussions about this here Sense Keypad does not always announce alarm trigger - #6 by iyayo


Air Purifier AQI Graph having missing data points:

A lot of users are reporting that their AQI dots are not posting every hour like they supposedly should be doing. It is not uncommon for an hour or two or lots of them to be “Skipped.” Here is a clear example of 10+ missing dots between 12a-12p:


Many people report only a couple of hours being skipped, while some report most hours being skipped from having a data point.


Allow person detection for CamPlus Lite to be used in Wyze Rules. This was working when it was Legacy Person Detection.


Fix the Alexa integration for CamPlus Lite Person detection. Works on some cameras but not others in a very random fashion.


Yes, me too! Android 12.

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Regarding the purifier AQI, I just noticed this today. One of mine has all data points and the other is missing all of them between 6 am and 12pm.


Thank you, I appreciate the confirmation that I am not crazy about the sticky event notification issue. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen anyone else report this, but I was sure others had to be experiencing it to. :slight_smile:

The AQI issue is a very commonly reported issue. I figure it should get mentioned too.

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I have this on some other apps, too (ring has done it a few times and sometimes a weather app but those are the only others I’ve noticed it on) but Wyze does it more frequently, a couple times a day or so.

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I had two data points yesterday and none today. I would like to know what the numbers on the left of the graph actually represent. Is it particulate matter? And if so then why is the PM2.5 Health Guideline dashed line at around 50? Shouldn’t it be at 2.5?

Also, on the main page of the app my indoor AQI always shows as 29, yet my machine has never shown it that high on the display.

Please add ability to open garage door location based rule. Can only close garage door by rule now.


I may be able to answer some of these questions.

The numbers on the left side of the graph represent the AQI (Air Quality Index) for the inside area that the air purifier is in.

Particulate matter is part of the AQI

The dashed line represents 50 on the AQI, Anything below 50 on the AQI is considered good


Thanks but you really didn’t answer my questions. The 0 to 500 mean exactly what, what is it measured in? You said particulate matter is part of the AQI, but is it parts per million or what?

I yes I figured the dashed line was at 50 and anything below that is considered good, but again shouldn’t it be at 2.5? And why isn’t the dashed line for PM10 instead of PM2.5?

And why does the app keeps showing a 29 AQI yet my machine has never gotten that high?

I’m sorry I’m asking so many questions, it’s just that I’ve never been exposed to this information before. HEPA air filters I’ve had in the past never showed this stuff. It was just On/Off and 3 fan speeds. So now being given this information I can’t just blindly accept it and my mind needs understand what it is that I’m looking at. Maybe Wzye should have linked a site to explain all this, since they aren’t explaining it.

UPDATE: Okay I found a site that explains AQI in a way I can understand.

Here’s a link that explains AQI and why it’s read on a scale of 0 to 500. (sorry, I just saw your edit)

The app doesn’t ways match the readout on the front. The app just updates periodically (I’ve opened and closed the app while staring at the readout on the purifier, so I know it’s not real time), but it’s relatively close. I’m not exactly sure how often it updates but it’s every few minutes from what I’ve seen.

Thanks, yes I found a news station that had a write up about AQI and I also saw as well. It all makes more sense now knowing that the AQI history graph is a standard and not something Wzye came up with. But I still think they should have given us a reference or explained it to us. And you’d think that the Indoor AQI white dots would show up even if it was as low as a Zero on the graph.

I know the app updates way behind my machine but again, my machine has not shown a 29 AQI. Yet that’s what the app keeps showing when it updates, which seems to be around every 2 hours. Could be I have a defective machine, I don’t know. But you’d think that if the app was closed and then opened again, that the AQI would update, yet it’s not.

UPDATE: Something whacky is going on with the App. I checked it and it had updated 1 hour and 54 minutes ago. A minute later I checked it and then it said it had updated 55 minutes ago. Wyze please fix this. I could also use some help in figuring out why the app is always showing 29 AQI.

glad to dsee all tehis conversations adfje