Fix-It Friday 2/25/22

When are you going to fix the main website page?

Go to “”. Across the top of the page there are a number of links for “Shop”, “Forums”, “Support”, etc., etc. None of the links work on my iPad and they haven’t worked for over a month. Maybe the whole problem is that I use my iPad in landscape mode and I know your “programmer” doesn’t understand how to do landscape mode. It would be nice if someone from Wyse would check these things once in a while.

What level of iOS are your running? They appear to work on my iPad in landscape mode, so need more focus.

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I don’t normally access this page on my iPad, but I can now confirm this behavior on my iPad Pro 12.9 in Landscape mode, as well as Portrait mode in Chrome, Firefox and Safari:

Chrome example of issue:

In Landscape, I cannot tap on anything in Red:


In Portrait, lose the " “Shop”, “Forums”, “Support”, etc., " as they tuck into a Navigation “Button”, I can tap on the Navigation 'Button"

But same behavior, where I cannot tap on “Shop”, “Forums”, “Support”, etc.,



This was well put together SJ. Great, helpful, and informative post. Thanks for the effort you put into that to confirm what OP was explaining.

Hi, thanks for flagging this! We’ll be launching a full redesign of very soon that will fix this. :slight_smile:


i love my Wyze robo vac but hate that you can’t split a room via virtual walls. this sucks if you have a big open concept house… can you please allow split rooms in virtual rooms please? thank you

Seriously does anyone in support ever answer you back when you contact them over n over???

@carverofchoice Can we start splitting out conversations in this fix-it Friday to Topics that make sense for the discussion? There are many great conversations occurring in Fix-it Friday 2/25/22 that should live in there own Message threads.

Getting a notification for another post in Fix-it Friday 2/25/22 doesn’t do any justice for each of the important discussions taking place here.

This also goes for the many Message Threads having to do with Firmware Updates that include more than one product…. Wyze should limit Firmware Update Postings to one Thread per Product/Firmware update.


Just unsubscribe like I just did through the email. It definitely gets annoying so luckily you can always unsubscribe.

Those are good suggestions, SJ. Sometimes the mods do split conversations into separate threads (or sometimes combine them), but in my experience, their splitting a thread is usually limited to when something becomes technically significantly “off-topic” in some way, though there are other instances. As a Maven, I have not received all the training Mods have for how Wyze would like things to be organized or when to rearrange posts, so I mostly leave that to their discretion, though I do try to help them sometimes when I see something fairly obvious (such as if a wishlist submission is a duplicate of another one or something like that).

One benefit of allowing things to be combined in one thread as opposed to separate threads is that some really great posts sometimes get more exposure that way (from all the others overtime who have joined in following that thread). On the other hand, like you mentioned, sometimes a great post can get lost in a popular, long thread. There are pros and cons each way I guess. I usually trust the mods discretion in deciding when intervention is the preferred option. You can always ask mods if they’re willing to separate a topic/sub-conversation to a new thread, especially if it starts with a post you are the author of.

I do see what you mean though. Such as in a firmware release thread, maybe you only care about the details and conversation for one of the devices, and in that thread there will be a ton of people talking about other devices totally irrelevant to the one update you want to follow, so you get a bunch of extra “noise” which can be frustrating. That is good feedback. Perhaps Wyze will consider having separate threads for device updates instead of having them all grouped together.

Maybe we could start a thread on the next Fix-it-Friday as soon as they extract what they need from this one (which they have already done).

Then we’d have longer to vote, and the people posting here now wouldn’t need to repost there later.

Hello David,
Yes, I can unsubscribe from some threads that became way more noise than the one small subject I was wanting to follow.

I shouldn’t have to do that, I now am losing out on info for the one device being discussed in that thread.

As I reply to this message, I see:


I guess I can reply, as I have additional details… and the solution doesn’t work for me… so, Ok to continue to reply here…

But, this thread, if left to continue here amongst all the other unrelated Fix-It Friday post… will become topic overload… and folks will eventually unsubscribe due way to much noise.


Hello Wayne,

Question… since I’m new to how the Fix-It Friday works… do we now wait for an answer from Wyze on the Bug that we presented?

Is @WyzeGwendolyn reply the final answer to the Landscape View For Tablets issue?

Or is there more to come from Wyze on this issue?

Can the subject be brought up again next Friday if it is still an existing Bug that has need been resolved?


That’s an interesting idea. It would potentially allow closet to a week for connecting posts and votes instead of a weekend. Wyze indicated they’re still testing out what works best for fix-it Friday. Will have to see how it evolves


Gwen is the final word for most things here (they are Wyze, so you got an answer), but Wyze has already expressed an interest in fixing this in the “Landscape View For Tablets” Wishlist topic you mentioned.

For the purposes of Fix it Friday, it is not a bug, it is a feature request. A bug is a problem with existing code. Whereas there are some select pages that present in landscape mode, there is no existing app-wide code for it (or most anything on the Wishlist) ATM.

So until they find the resources to add a new feature, the best place for votes/comments is in the Landscape View For Tablets Wishlist topic you mentioned. They do pull from the Wishlist as inspiration as to what is important to customers; just check the Roadmap to see how many items have made it to the app. :slight_smile:

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Yes, just put a date on the new post that is when the next Fix-it Friday is. Then harvest the results on the following Monday afterwards (or that Friday), while closing the old thread and opening another new one.

Posts here are not valid for the next Fix-it Friday, so they would need to be reposted there. This idea prevents that issue, and gives us longer to present bugs and gather votes. :slight_smile:


Me too, brah. Me too.

Keep up the great work.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th Generation)

Software Version: 15.3.1

Wyze app for iPad will not rotate to landscape mode. This is a problem for those of us who use Apple’s Magic Keyboard as it’s always in landscape mode.

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Looking for continued Fix It Friday updates here is a link to next months thread!