Fix-It Friday - 2/18/22

Thank you, everyone! I’m taking this list to the team for review! You did great and I personally love you all for putting titles and stuff in so I could do easy summaries. :heart:


Persistent "Error (code 09) Video Player Error Only with video doorbell

I have opened multiple tkts for this pesky error. If you try to play a video using the “events” tab of the app it reports this error, if you try to play the video directly from the device screen it just “spins the wheel” and is black. Below is what we know:

In troubleshooting this issue we have proven that it is not the hardware by downloading the video file and playing it on the phone with a different video player, the issue appears to be with the Wyze app on my Moto G Power 2021 running Android 11.

  • Live video on the doorbell works fine
  • Events are recorded fine
  • The event can be downloaded to the phone and played outside of the Wyze App (google photos)
  • The event fails to play (Black screen) or reports Video playback error 9 depending if you try by selecting the doorbell device from the home screen or selecting an event.
  • The issue is observed on Moto G Power 2021 running Android 11

I have submitted a log file ( 438579)

There is a forum post I started way back about this as well


You just barely missed the cutoff for Fix-It Friday posts but I’ll get this report over to the team. Thanks for all the details!


Sorry about missing the deadline but greatly appreciate getting it escalated anyway!


No worries! You wouldn’t have had enough time to accumulate votes but you DID successfully catch my attention so I think this was a win. :grin:

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And just for reference here is my forum post from July indicating that it was being worked on and is something in the video player…


Hi @R.Good thank you for your feedback. What’s your app version? We’ll look into this issue.


removed, responded to different issue

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Thank You @QiS

Wyze App Version - 2.28.0 (a11)
iOS 15.3.1 (on iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Initial report

Follow Up


Got it. thank you.


Alright, everyone!

Thanks for your patience while we chased down various team members for info! Here are our top issues (plus a bonus) for this week! :heart:

1. Wyze Sense Hub Siren Volume Lower Than Desired


The low volume is due to a hardware limitation. We’ve heard your feedback and are working on supporting Wyze Home Monitoring audio on Wyze Chime. This will allow you to decentralize the audio and have it in the rooms that you care about. We’ll share information about it when it’s ready!

2. "Wyze AI Events” and “All Other Motion Events” Sometimes Grayed Out


This is a bug! And we’re looking into it. Please send in logs if you reproduce this bug. Logs can be sent through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Please be detailed in the description and post the log numbers where we can get them! :slight_smile:

3. Users Cannot Use the Scroller to Select Temperatures for Wyze Sense Climate Sensor Rules


You may have noticed WyzeQi working on this before we started the summary here! We’re investigating it now. :smiley:

EDIT 2/22/22: We have a fix ready for testing! :tada:

BONUS: Wyze Web View Not Compatible with Cam Plus Pro


We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on it! We’ve identified the root cause and are building a fix. :slight_smile:

Next Steps:

This is the end of the first cycle of Fix-It Friday! We’re talking internally about what worked and what could use improvement. We may make some changes to how the program works based on your feedback and how things went from our end.

We’ll continue to provide updates on the outcomes of Fix-It Friday. We’re always working hard to find and fix issues every day! The feedback from our engineers, testers, and members like YOU make such a difference in this venture. We hope these Fix-It Fridays will help shine light on the bugs you have top of mind and prioritize them for our teams. Look out for more from us soon!

In the meantime, don’t forget to use our #wishlist for feature requests (@peepeep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )!

And if you need help with a misbehaving Wyze product, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Wyze Customer Support.

Have an excellent week, everyone! Thanks for putting together these amazing reports. I felt so proud of our community as I read through these! :tada:


Gwendolyn, thank you for addressing the issue of the low volume on the HMS Hub.

I do not see Chimes being an acceptable solution. I have a chime for my doorbell and it is about as loud as the hub.

You stated that this issue is being caused by a hardware limitation. When I first installed the HMS hub the contact sensor chimes, the voice response, and the siren were very loud. I could hear it from anywhere in the house. It was a firmware update that changed this. I still have the same hardware I installed that previously performed at a much higher volume. As such, it is not the hardware that is limited as it performed out of the box perfectly. It is the firmware that is now limiting the hardware. Or, more accurately, the installed firmware cannot support the capabilities of the hardware.

Also, unless the chimes are going to provide an intruder deterrent level siren alarm, the solution is moot. This is a home alarm system, not a smart speaker.

Lastly, since this issue reflects a change in the original product caused by a firmware update after it was shipped, installed, and operated successfully, I would expect Wyze to provide any additional hardware solution at no cost to existing customers. I purchased a functional HMS Hub. The firmware update changed that.


Clearly stated.

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What this person said. Worked fine when I got it, stopped working. Needs to work again without me having to invest more money. At the moment the alarm system is not fit for purpose. Shouldn’t really be sold until it is.


Hi @R.Good we’ll fix it in v2.29 which will be released in the middle of March.


Perfectly said by @SlabSlayer.

@WyzeGwendolyn The hardware limitation was only a thing once the September 2020 update was introduced. That’s not the same operating item that we once paid for. It’s speaker functionality has been altered through SW to become what is NOW being called a limitation.

Serious question: Who’s idea is it to STILL stand their ground on this liability issue? I mean just revert the freaking SW back to where it once was where everyone was happy.

I wasn’t aware of any major thread where folks were complaining about blown siren speakers from the volume being too loud. If I missed something, please share that discussion here.

Also this issue is going soon on 6 months… when does it take a serious priority to the @WyzeTeam being how long the issue has been already ongoing for.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I’ll get these links over to the team for consideration as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


For the bugs that were not addressed since they did not make the top 3, can they still be fixed since they are still bugs?


I reported those to the team, too. :grin:


I missed out on participating in this Fix-It Friday, as I was out of town for a funeral. I probably should be waiting a month or so until Fix-it Friday rotates back to these forums, but thought it prudent to state for the record that LANDSCAPE MODE on iPads and Android Tablets is indeed a BUG worthy of being discussed on Fix-It Fridays.

I consider the Landscape issue on iPads to be a Bug, and also to be a Bug that has been ignored by Wyze for over Four years. (And I can’t get a straight, honest answer out of anyone at WYZE on this question, as to why does this BUG continues to be ignored)