Fix for an overly sensitive pir sensor?

Hi guys , I’m known as the guy who can’t seem to quit warping about how his floodlight is never reliable , long delays to turn on , constantly triggered by everything besides what it’s meant to be triggered by , and a very buggy product

For the last 8 months I have used the wyze cam floodlight and as much as I try to like it . It has a lot of issues i run into on a day to day basis. I can go on and on but one main issue that was bugging me for so long was that the pir sensor has been very sensitive and unreliable !

Even when set to only turn on floodlights by the pir sensor , no matter what it would get triggered by the rain, bugs , spider webs , light changes , wind , snow at one time, etc etc even when set to only turn on when motions been detected by the pir sensor…

For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out , no matter how much I messed with the settings , restarted the floodlight , reduced everything to 1 etc etc .

Well I think I may have found the answer…

So if you have any wyze cameras , these things love to be attacked by spider webs !! My feed will be events of spider webs in frame all night long . Soooo annoying

Well I have night vision for all of my cameras because I think it does a well enough job of being able to view an area with the IR lights. The colored night vision only seems to work well when theirs lights in frame but if not lights then the night vision does a good job…

So my neighbors and I know each other quite well and even both have cameras around our properties. We keep a good communication for neighborhood security…

Well recently they began leaving an outside light turned on at night that shines bright enough for my v3’s to not need to use night vision . I can use the colored night vision mode.

Well since my v3’s were constantly being triggered by the spider webs bc when in night vision mode it can detect bugs and spider webs and all of those great insects so well. I had enough and switched over to color night vision.

Great , no more freaking events tab filled with spider webs.

Well on that matter , I also noticed that my floodlight seems to not experience constant false motion light activations…

When the v3 that came mounted to my floodlight was in night vision mode , it would get triggered by rain , snow , wind , bugs , spider webs , light changes etc even when set to only turn on when motion has been detected by the pir sensor.

After two weeks of switching over to colored night vision , I notice no more false Motion light activations!

Seriously , i keep an eye out on this floodlight all the time and the v3 that’s beside it has motion notifications on so it can notify me when the lights turn on so I can review the event to see what triggered it and nothing . No more constant false light motion activations!

I still have my ripe about this floodlight . It seems to a mind of its own all the time. But I am trying to keep it as I have other v3’s around my house so I can just group all my wyze cameras in one app and view them all at once

But seriously though wyze , I hope they work on a v2 floodlight. It needs a lot of software done to the pir sensor and also on the new version DO NOT engineer the camera to the pir sensor. Make it separate.

I will link two wishlist items that i think will be a great addition to the floodlight . Please vote and share

Your cursed…

Yes, spiders are definetly attracted to about 3 inches from the lense.

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I really do think I’m cursed …

Now I’m experiencing issues with my thermostat , please Wyze God’s stop punishing me for bashing on Wyze . I promise I’m a fan boy now …:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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