First experience a bad one

Not happy with 1st experience!!! 1st off Free Shipping is Not Free…they find a way to charge you!! 2nd the 2 to 5 day order is Now at almost 2 weeks!!! Last to try and explain that I cxld my Existing ( Not Wyze ) monitoring to the customer service rep was like impossible!! I tried to explain Iam Now without service because of that and she could not comprehend what I was trying to tell her…I hope it gets Better from here…Right?

From my experience, NO. Things will get worse. I started with 3 cams when 12 sec video was free. It was ok. I added cams, added outlets and light bulbs. It was fine a year back, then ran into issues this year, The issues are mostly that WYZE seems to be DE-Integrating so to speak. Adding separate new login sites. ??? The app does just a bit, for support, license, etc… you’ll end up having to go to 3-4 other websites with more logins. When I asked support about improvement plans, there apparently are NONE. I have saved that email. It seems to be a dying platform! Wyze, if I am wrong… Lets see the integration plans with timelines.