Firmware updates and features

Hey Loki,

I was just about to make a roadmap topic for something, but I cant find it this option is in production. being on Beta I forget what features are in the current production-ware and or what were just released in the latest. I know they got the IR led option,

i did a search but couldn’t find the answer, does production have camera grouping yet?

this also got me thinking, could there possible be a production firmware log feature pinned topic? something that shows the release change log so you could chronologically look at what release got which new features? this might actually quell some simple questions like when someone asks why they don’t have the features being talked about. they could just check their version against the pinned topic and figure out if they need to update.

Hi @Bam

I moved this topic from a PM to #ask-the-community since the answers may be of general interest. (I don’t do PM’s except for “personal” issues.)

Camera grouping is still beta-only. There is a #roadmap topic for it with status “testing” here: Camera Grouping.

The app and firmware release notes are available in the Support section here:

I do appreciate you asking before submitting a potentially redundant #roadmap topic. :slight_smile:

thank you very much sir.

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