Firmware update mess

Did the latest firmware update to our cameras today. Unfortunately 2 of the eight didn’t turn out so well. One is not responsive at all and I will have to go out to where it is and manually reboot it. The other has a dark green hue and almost no night vision capability. Guess this is what you get for $20.

I have had zero problems updating 6 different cameras… Your having issues with so many may indicates something in your environment causing issues… All of my cameras are close to the wireless router, and hace something like 95% or more signal… Any chance one or more of yoru cameras are far from your router?

You will probably need to flash the firmware:


I’m having the same problem, just updated my camera two days ago and it has almost no low light capability and awful night vision since the update… I’ve uploaded screenshots from the same camera before and after the reflash<!–more–>

Here’s how awful it is during the day

All 5 of mine reset to green screens all next to router after restore and retry same issue


Just had to restore to an older version of firmware. Poor T&I IMO.

Link does not work now. Really would like to restore cams to version that my older Android phone/tablets/Wyze app can work with.