Firmware update for v2?

I just got my 4 wyze cams in the other day. I’v downloaded the app on my phone and tablet. The app stated a firmware update was needed to make certain new features work.

Question #1. Do I need to be at home on my WiFi for initial setup and to do the firmware update?

Question #2. If I am logged into my WYZE account, on my/a computer, and I pulg the cam in, will it start the update automatically?


I’m not supper tech savy so sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks in advance.


The Wyze cam has to be connected to Wifi and your phone. Click the update button on your phone and the cam will update. I have 6 Wyze cams and updated them all. I noticed the last couple said “update failed” after the progress bar reached 100% but when I checked the firmware version it was the latest and the cams work as they should.

In addition to wind_rocker’s reply, I will add that yes, you need to be on your home wifi for initial setup, but no, you do not need to be home to do a firmware update. (Although I think I would for safety in case the camera were to need to be power cycled for some reason.)

Being logged into your Wyze account on a computer has nothing to do with camera setup or firmware update. It’s all done through the app on your phone.

thank you for the replies