Firmware for WCv1 either with rtsp and/or turning it off?

Any chance WCv1 will get rtsp firmware or firmware where you can turn off the it lamps but keep night vision on?

Just would like to know what to plan on with the v1s I have.


This hugs may be a question best asked thru Wyze Support I’ll also tag in a moderator who might know- @Loki?
I don’t have any V1s so I don’t know.

No, RTSP is not available for the V1 camera due to hardware limitations. Please see this support article.

Turning the IR LEDs should be available in the V1, also. I can’t see in the support articles where it states it is not. Unfortunately, I don’t have any V1s online anymore to test.

Thanks for replying to this.

What about the feature to turn off the IR lights and leaving night vision on, like the V2s currently have? Is there a limitation of the HW for this as well (I though I read this somewhere a while back, but can’t find the info to confirm).

I just did a thorough search of the support site, and it appears the V1 should already have the IR LED toggle included, as long as you have updated your firmware.

I don’t have this feature on any of my v1s and they are all on latest FW

I don’t have any V1’s, but here is an old discussion that indicates you can not turn off the IR lights on the V1:


Well that is certainly a bummer, so no RTSP or turning off the IR LEDs on the v1 - very limiting.
Will try and find some particular use for these cameras.

I concur, no turning off LEDs on the V1. Here’s a post from the original wishlist/roadmap topic a year ago that confirms it:


I have a few v1s and can confirm you can’t turn off the IR LEDs.