Firmware connection issues

Let’s use this thread for all connection issues related to firmware. We will closely monitor this thread. In the future, we plan to create a new post for each beta or official release of firmware. This will be easier to track issues.

Fingers crossed… :slight_smile:

Great idea!!!


Updated 2 of 3 cameras. Working fine!

Update went smoothly, everything seems to connect fine. Having issues with 2 cameras generating an alert every 5 minutes with no motion (sound is turned off).

I am having the same issue. The camera in my garage was fine before the firmware upgrade, but now it is generating a motion alert every 5 minutes when there is no motion. Version 1 of the camera. I’ve had to disable alerts. I did try power cycling the camera but had the same results. The other camera upgraded with no issue and does not seem to be doing this.

Latest app. I just updated firmware and app crashes. Had to uninstall and reinstall app and it still crashed after every camera update. It seems fine after completing all updates.

LG V30

Android 8.0.0

Same issue with motion alerts. All my cameras were just upgraded to this firmware rev this morning. I now get motion alerts every 5 minutes, with no motion seen in the alert clips.

Thanks for reporting! It is being investigated now. We hope to get a fix soon.

Update new firmware on 2 camera, one upgraded fine, the other one disconnected from wifi ( blue and yellow led flashing). Have to recycle power to get reconnect.

Also having same motion detection alert issue every five minutes on both camera.

I installed this new update last evening. I have 18 cameras and they have been dinging me all day. Anywhere from a minute apart on some cameras to 5 minutes apart on others. I have gotten so that I am ignoring the notifications. However, that is not good, because one of those notification could be something going on. These cameras are split between two locations. 10 at one, 8 at the other.

Thanking you in advance for any help or advice you can offer.


Hi, we identified the issue today. Now we are testing the fix. If everything goes well we will update beta tomorrow. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for the update! :slight_smile:

Fixed in

Thank you!!! It is very much appreciated!!

Here’s another issue that I’ve noticed which appears to have started with this beta release (and still exists in
Go to your notifications and play an alert video that you haven’t played before.
It will download, then play, then finish with the plan icon displayed.
So far, so good.
Now, click on the play icon to play the alert video again… It will not play.
Now, go back to the notification list.
Click on this same alert video again.
It will immediately play because it was already downloaded.
When finished it will display the play icon.
Now click on the play icon… It will play again like it should.
The problem only exists on alerts you haven’t played before.

Confirmed that I am getting the same issue you’re seeing.

This appears to be a playback issue with the Android app not with the camera firmware release…

Solid connections. Alerts not working, only receiving one alert when app is opened.

Update two camera from to …

No longer receive any motion alert ( > 24 hours )

Hi Rob, do you still have the crash issue? If yes, can you reopen the app right after the crash and go to My Account -> Help & Feedback -> Feedback to send us an app log? To save time, you can change the email recipient to my address Thanks!