Firestick or Roku?

Hey everyone

I wanna view all of my cameras on my tv and I’m just wondering which device best supports it .

Firestick or Roku?



I believe Roku will not work. FireTv seems to work as @R.Good provided examples of this.

You can also use TinyCam and cast it to your TV when needed.


The Roku will work with screen mirroring from an iPhone or iPad, that is about it I think. I tried screen mirroring with an iPad and it worked great, I’m just not interested enough to use it much though. Maybe I’ll try to connect the iPad to the beta WYZE Web view and see if it will show all three V3 cams at the same time in live view.
** It works, I just don’t know how long it will stay connected :grin:


I have not been successful at finding any way to stream my cams to my Roku although there are some who have succeeded by casting: Roku Forum Search

My phone is not compatible to screen mirror (Thank You Android Chromecast restrictions!) so I can’t cast it to either device.

I can stream my cams to my FireTV Stick without using any add on apps. This is a capability of the device enabled on the stick when you install the Wyze Skill in Alexa and link your Wyze account: FireTV\Stick Forum Search

Additionally, many have been successful at sideloading TinyCam onto their FireStick\TV and using that app to stream cams: TinyCam FireTV\Stick Forum Search

I use TinyCamPro on my phone but have yet to find the time or need to go wide screen on the TV.

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You don’t need to sideload it! You can purchase TinyCam Pro right from the Fire stick interface through the Amazon app store. It works very well on Fire.

Also of course TinyCam is about the only 3rd party commercial app that has built in Wyzecam functionality.

Edit: Also there’s no messing with casting / mirroring. The Fire does all the work itself.


That’s great info. I didn’t know it was available on the Amazon App Store.


Do you need to purchase tiny cam pro to view all of the cameras ?

Are their any work arounds to this …?

I believe you can get away with sideloading the free version but I didn’t bother. TinyCam Pro is the only app I have ever purchased, and it’s well worth it.

I had the free version on a tablet first.


What even is tiny cam ? I keep reading about it

Do I have to download it to view all of my cameras on my fire stick ?

It’s an Android app.

You can also view your cameras via Alexa functionality to your Fire stick, but there are issues (only one at a time, timeouts, no controls).

Unfortunately the Wyze app itself won’t work on Fire. I tried. :slight_smile:

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The Company Roku will access your account and delete apps they don’t approve of. Nobody got time for that.


Incidentally I just found out the new Fire stick OS updates make it harder to sideload. Still possible though - you have to do the “Developer” trick like many Android phones.


I can view my cam 3 on my android phone, my computer, my Echo Show 5 & my t.v. via Fire Cube. Alexa controlled on the Amazon thingies. Works great, mostly, lol Dunno about Roku


Exactly and you used to be able to do That with Roku until they decided to censor your account and determine what you will have on there and what you will watch. Like most of the big tech companies out there now.


I have avoided Roku all along and I guess I’m glad I did. One thing that put me off was the need to provide a credit card just for the privilege of using a device one has already purchased.

Amazon and Fire are the “devil I know” and am mostly happy with. I just started SlingTV and it works well with it too.

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Android streaming box or a PC would work as well. Although the Wyze app isn’t perfect running on a Win 11 PC.

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