Finches at the Feeder

Since I got home a week ago, the bird feeder has been filled twice. It will need to be filled a 3rd time tomorrow. In the hour since this video was recorded, the little guys have lowered the seed level by 3 inches!

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Not sure if you noticed, but those American goldfinches are grabbing the hulled sunflower seeds and hurling them uneaten out onto your lawn to get at the smaller stuff like millet. :rofl:

I love watching goldfinches, but they really need their own stash. I use thistle in an upside down feeder. Not many species can cling upside down and it’s a hoot watching them try. Just a reference, you can find this much cheaper locally, like Ace Hardware:


Yeah, they toss some of the sunflower seeds to the ground. They will crack some open. I have a tray lower on the pole that I fill with sunflower seeds for the squirrels. That helps keep them off the feeder.

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