As the title says, ‘Finally’, Wyze has reworked the ‘Events page’ so it is much easier to remove all clips without scrolling to the bottom then back to the top to hit the pencil then ‘choose all’ and after that hit delete…’

KUDOS to the development team for making this a reality


Yep great job. In fixing that they broke where you default to on the list after viewing a clip.
Who deletes clips anyway? What are you hiding? :joy::rofl::joy:

Oh, and event thumbnails are still the same size on iOS.


Apparently the Treasury takes a dim view of printing your own currency so when that shows up it’s probably a good idea to delete the clips. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There might be something that I don’t understand but when I’m done watching an event (iOS) I come back to where I was and not at the top of the list.

Edit: deleted video.

Why do you have a camera in the printing room? :blush:

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My bad, yes mine works like yours. But when I get the no fragment error and click ok it takes me back to the top of the list. Before the update it would take me back to where I was. I get so many no fragment errors that it just seems normal to me now.

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It was bad planning to be honest. :innocent:

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The others don’t mention it. They may forget or they are on Android. :thinking:

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