File does not exist

Hi, I have recorded a lapse and see it in the Album section of the app. I am on the same wifi network, but when I select it for download/play I get an error:

File does not exist - see screenshot

2019-12-18 20.50.39|236x500
What is causing that?

Also, what is a “safe” way to disconnect the camera and remove the SDCard to check files on there? I don’t see an eject or stop recording button inside the app. I do not want to corrupt the continuous! recordings that are on there.

Thank you!

Turn the camera off in the app and then unplug it. Afterwards, you will be able to remove SD card safely. To view the video files on the card you can use your PC and save the files.

Thank you - any ideas on the lapse file? I see earlier posts showing it was an issue previously, but I am on the latest firmware that should have the issue fixed…


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You’re welcome. It has been an issue but I’m not sure if it’s been totally resolved yet. I will ask about it and see what I can find out for you.

Wyze has proven that even though they may fix an issue they may later do something else and break it again. And Time Lapse does not seem to be a priority issue with them as it is with me.
When I first started buying Wyze cams I could do time lapses of over 1 GB, then it dropped to a few hundred Mb, then got fixed back. I still occasionally get “file not found”, but I’m running betas.

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Go through the steps of shutting the cam in question down. R/R the sd card then make sure you FORMAT the card. There are instances when the sd card does not format correctly the first time, no worries, just try again. If your still having issues I would reset the bridge ( settings under the cam you have the bridge mounted on). Hopefully this will take care of your problem. :v:

So I tried everything possible. Format SD card in the camera, format outside the camera, different settings, reset the camera and I can’t fix the issue. There is info in the app that time lapse should be there:

But the same “file does not exist” error persists.

When I pull out the card, there is a timelaps folder but no video files in it. Only log and record.h264:
Screenshot 2020-01-03 17.09.24
The record folder has the full day recording and the alarm folder has all the triggered recordings.

I really would like to fix this, but just not sure how - time laps from this camera is important to me. Different SD Card brand? Size? Something else?

Thanks for your help

Anyone please? Even wild suggestions and ideas to try would be welcomed

The record.h264 is a video file and can be played and converted to mp4 using VLC. My time_lapse folder contains another folder time_Task_xxxxxxxxxx which contains the record.h264 time lapse video.

There appears to be no consistent way to use the app to download the file. There are many other users that have been posting the time lapse issue for the past several months with no fix. Some suspect hardware issues, some think file size is relevant, others firmware or app version problems.

Either way you shouldn’t consider WYZE products to be anything more than experimental toys based on continual problem reports for every product line and firmware release. I would never use them in a commercial, critical security, or mission critical application.

I’m using a V3 Camera Firmware with Android app Version 2.17.41 on Android 6.0.1.

Unfortunately this is a known issue for us Android users. I have a thread that talks about recording from playback, which you can find here: v3 Android Users - Recording from playback FAILS

There is a work around, which I’m personally not a fan of. With that said, this work around does work. After ensuring your cameras have the most current version of firmware installed, join the beta program for the Android application. Then download and install the beta application on your Android device.

Trust me when I say that I’m not a fan of having to be a “beta user” in order to have promised capabilities function!