Feeling unsafe with self moving pan camera

Hi all. I just purchased a pan camera and it moves all by itself. I bought this camera to feel safe in my apartment and now all I’m doing is losing sleep. Also how do you get notifications if people are detected?? Thanks

Log on to the camera, Under “more” (lower right hand corner when you see the footage from the camera) you will find a menu that calls out for “Motion Tracking”, “Pan Scan”, and “Motion Tagging”.
I bet you have either “motion tracking” or pan scan" turned on. Having one of those on will have camera “move by itself” - just as intended.

As for notifications; it is a matter of tuning the settings (cog wheel upper right corner) for your specific situation. You might also want to turn on “People Detection” in order to only get notified when camera sees a person (at least in theory, not using that feature yet).