Feedback on Ordering Process/Management


I decided last night to order a doorbell cam, outdoor cam, and solar charger. I logged in via Shop with my normal email account, and used Apple Pay to pay for the purchase.

As soon as I completed the order, I noticed that Shop had somehow pulled up a very old shipping address of mine, and also the billing name/address of my former mother-in-law (?). That would have normally caused a credit card verification error if I had used a credit/debit card, but in this case Apple Pay did not trigger it. Understandable.

That said, as soon as I realized my error, I immediately created an account on the Waze website to see if I could modify or cancel my order. To my dismay, there were really zero options for order management other than to view the status.

I went through the maze of support links and finally submitted a support ticket (it was late and the support chat was not online).

This morning, I realized that I would not get a response in time, so I reached out via the chat and spoke with King, who was helpful and polite.

Unfortunately, I was informed that unless you contact them within 2 hours of ordering, there is nothing they can do (even though my order showed paid and not processing on the website). I was advised to wait for tracking info and see if I can get the shipping to re-route the delivery to my new address. My concern is, if this does not work, then I am likely out $160, as I have no idea who the current resident at my old address is and/or how they would even get in touch with me, or if they would return it.

So, this is a long way of saying that the ordering process and management capabilities of the Wyze website could really use some expansion and improvement. Additionally the checkout flow when using Apple Pay could really stand to use some address confirmation steps, as it did not appear to me to have the step of entering/verifying to where I wanted stuff sent. You can’t impose a 2 hour limit on cancellations or modifications to an order, but not account for after hours orders. That is simply ridiculous. Either change your policies/website management capabilities, or switch to 24x7 support. It feels like an impossible situation from the customer perspective.

Lastly, I would like to know what my options are if I cannot reroute the package and it is not forwarded to me? Am I simply out $160 for an error I tried very hard to correct but due to limitations set by Wyze, could not?

I hope this is not an indication of how the company does business as a whole, because if it is, I might have to go another route. I know my money is a drop in the bucket, but I had hoped to find one platform to use for our home security needs and at this point I am not feeling super confident that it was a good decision.

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I’m sorry you had this experience, that is definitely frustrating. If I can get your ticket number I can escalate this and try to get it resolved. I will also let wyze know that there are some changes that should be made to prevent this in the future. Thanks!

@IEatBeans Thanks! Here it is: 3583990

Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Some further clarification: When one selects ApplePay, shop hides the shipping/billing address info so one cannot verify it.

That seems like a shop issue, but hopefully wyze can inform them and they can get it fixed

That looks like your order number, do you have a Support Ticket number from when you contacted them?

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