Feature request

Really? Mine doesn’t do that. :disappointed_relieved:

We had been working on vehicle with person detection but it wasn’t working right (mostly a “parked vehicle” detection, really). I know that these are both under discussion but I don’t have info for that at this time other than these tags not being ready to roll at this point. Thanks for asking!

The cloud one would be tricky if you want notifications for these events. The video uploading to the cloud is what triggers the notification.


Hi there! I’d love a way to view time lapse movies as they are being created without having to stop. This is especially useful when taking very long time lapses that span days and weeks. Thanks!

Suggestion for Wyze lock: Could you add a Home or Away status in the app to indicate if the lock thinks we have gone beyond the geofencing range and met a condition for auto-unlock? Right now we have to guess if we have gone far enough. The system knows and should be able to display it. Thanks.

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