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Would love to see a preview for the alerts that come in. I would also like a fast fwd and rewind on playback


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Adding this to the list of feature requests to pass to the team!

I have 4 cameras and I want to record only when I’m not at home, adding an SD card schedule would be great just like we do for motion detectionI currently start/stop recording manually every day. I know its probably not a priority, but it would be nice for future deployment.

I’d love to see changes in the app so that multiple cams can be seen at once.

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I’d like to see a one button toggle on and off for notifications on all of my cameras in addition to the toggle for each. I currently have two cameras and I’ll end up getting more. Would be nice to turn them all off at once

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clayinjax, what you want is geofencing. It is standard fare in the smart home world, but not a part of WyzeCam. There is a workaround, but it isn’t cheap (doubles the price of the camera). Use a Wemo Mini Smart Outlet to plug your camera into. You can then use either IFTTT or integration with a Nest Thermostat to detect when you are home or away.

Wyze Labs tech support has mentioned integration with IFTTT either soon or already available and you can probably work out someway to fake geofencing with that as well.

IMHO, the lack of geofencing is the biggest oversight with the WyzeCam.

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GeoFencing is the most valuable feature that HomeKit would provide for WyzeCam. It would allow automatically disabling notifications and recording when anyone was home and automatically enable both when no one is home. A side benefit (huge) would be a very large reduction in AWS storage requirements.

I suggest that Wyze can provide custom notification ringtone for its app and camera. I have Yi, Reolink and Wyze cameras. Reolink has its own ringtone. Yi and Wyze use default message ringtone. When they all send notification, I have no way to know what app send notification.

Ideally I want to setup cameras in layers so I can decide urgency to check camera. Like frontdoor/garage alert, I may check who is knocking/parking. Porch alert, I definitely want to take a look of camera livestream. Indoor alert, I need to take action at once.

Without different ringtone, it is cumbersome to login to cell phone to know it is not for camera.


Add a feature where you can change how long the motion detection clips are

Hi @coolcraftnet18, please check out this #wishlist category topic. :slight_smile:

This is a request I was thinking about this morning too. Like an Arm button for an alarm system. I would also like to be able to arm up the cameras when leaving the house or going to sleep.

Welcome to the community, @ChrisP. If you go to the #wishlist category, and then do a search using the magnifying glass icon at the upper-right corner, I think you will find this request already exists. Also, at the top of the #wishlist category, there is a link on how to use the #wishlist. :slight_smile:

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@WyzeGwendolyn Hey… In Wyze videos you can see that the AI can determine a few objects, like “PET” or “VEHICLE”
So… since there is an option of what you want to be notified about “person” “all” and “sound”, could you guys add “pets” and “vehicle”?

I know that it might not be totally precise, but if it can, at least, determine that a “dog” is a dog but nearby it could say “human”, it still pretty acceptable to me.

Oh and is it possible to make a “do not upload to the cloud” option?

Really? Mine doesn’t do that. :disappointed_relieved:

We had been working on vehicle with person detection but it wasn’t working right (mostly a “parked vehicle” detection, really). I know that these are both under discussion but I don’t have info for that at this time other than these tags not being ready to roll at this point. Thanks for asking!

The cloud one would be tricky if you want notifications for these events. The video uploading to the cloud is what triggers the notification.


Hi there! I’d love a way to view time lapse movies as they are being created without having to stop. This is especially useful when taking very long time lapses that span days and weeks. Thanks!

Suggestion for Wyze lock: Could you add a Home or Away status in the app to indicate if the lock thinks we have gone beyond the geofencing range and met a condition for auto-unlock? Right now we have to guess if we have gone far enough. The system knows and should be able to display it. Thanks.

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