Feature request: Various

Software requests

On motion notice click, go to and play video automatically

Allow live feed of all cams at once on main screen

Option to change layout to show cams tiled as squares. 2 or 3 column layout.

Global firmware update and/or auto firmware update option.

Global settings for all cams such as times for alerts.

-> DONE - implemented May 10th, 2018 <- IFTTT capabilities and/or integration with Google Home/Alexa

Global paging system through all cameras. Push one mic button and broadcast voice to all cameras.

Global alarm sound to all cameras to deter Intruders.

Update sound system so that there is no feedback/echo when using voice feature.

Option to turn off IR LED but keep night vision mode on.

Hardware requests

Stiffen rotation and/or movement of camera base and add a vibration motor to manipulate rotation. See Cycloramic app featured on Shark Tank.

Outdoor case for camera with magnetic power plug similar to the charging system on a Pebble watch.

Unrelated to camera or app => Establish a thread that has a list of all feature requests so that all members of the forums can upvote and Dev team can focus on the most requested features.

Please note that some of these features have been requested by other members on this forum.