Feature request - System wide permission for firmware upgrades



I have four cams and maybe will add a few more (when an outdoor model becomes available). There should be an easier way to grant permission for a “system wide” firmware upgrade.

Right now you have to go into each camera and do the upgrade, after this is done, you need to switch to settings in the next camera and repeat; quite combersome.


This should be a one step process. Why would you want to upgrade firmware in one camera and not on another?


I like that request, it’s similar to other “global” action requests. However, there are times you wouldn’t want to update all of them. I too have four cameras, two have the most current beta firmware and two with the latest “production” firmware. I do this for testing.

Others have suggested an All alerts on/off (home/away function). That’s not the same as turning off push notifications where you’re just not getting alerts to the app but it still records events.

I’d also like to hit a button to start recording on all cameras; currently I have them at event-only. Starting a record-all makes it easier to see a complete timeline of activity.