Feature Request: 'motion + contact' combo sensor product

One common irritation I’m seeing in all home security systems is the separate contact and motion sensors, etc needed in one room.

Within the same room I’d want to do motion sensing + contact sensors. But having all the separate sensors is just a hassle for the cluttered sensors and all the install and battery maintenance etc.

It’d be an excellent idea to have a combo ‘motion+contact’ sensor product for example. This removes the need to install and maintain 2 separate sensors for each room and keeps the room clean from all the many different sensors.

I can then install one ‘motion+contact’ sensor on the door of each room for example.

I’m seeing Kangaroo is already having this kind of combo sensor product. To stay in the competitive edge I’d highly recommend Wyze offers this kind of combo sensor product as well.

I’d be the first one to get on this if Wyze offers a ‘motion+contact’ combo sensor.

In fact if this sensor can also detect glass break, this can then be installed by the window.

If the combo sensor is done right, reducing the total sensors in the system reduces the total bandwidth/load the system is on the network I believe and increases the capacity/reliability/efficiency of the overall system.