Feature Request for App: Sound Filter tags for Events

Feature Request for App. Like there is a ‘Person’ filter to see only events with ‘person’ tagged.

It would be great to have a ‘Sound’ filter to see only events with ‘sound’ tagged.

It would also be great to reverse the filter, so one could see all events without ‘person’ tags or without ‘sound’ tag.

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There is this wishlist item from before, and it says launched and there is a comment that says sound filter was added, but I don’t see it. I don’t use sound detection so I’ve never paid attention to if it was in a early version of app 2.13 or not.

I do likey the reverse filter or exclusion filter idea! And remember you can vote on your own wishlist item :slight_smile:

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There is no sound filter button on the Events page like Person, Motion and Cameras… but the capability to filter by sound does exist:

Tap the filter icon:

Check the Triggered by Sound checkbox and tap the Show Results button:


Thanks for the update! I didn’t scroll down far enough during my “sitting in the grocery store parking lot and should’ve been working on the grocery list” research sesh. :+1:


Mea Culpa also. I have never used this-did not know it existed since I live literally about 60’ from a train track and don’t use sound triggers. I should have done better research!:rage::thinking:
Thanks @Seapup!


Thanks @Seapup !!!

I checked and my apps had the latest version, but still didn’t find the sound filter.
Your picture was worth a thousand words!
Not quite as easy, but can do it now.

I bet most folks don’t know.
Now if only there were an easy way to bluk download multiple events (like all sound events) to local-device storage…

Reason for sound filtering is that I got some repeating noise nearby (off camera) trying to track and catalog.

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Glad to be of help Cargois42. :+1:

Unfortunately, there is no bulk events download.

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When person and sound filters are on it would be nice to see sound events that don’t include persons.

Someone could be breaking windows but I won’t see the event because you don’t show sounds separate from person when both are selected.