Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move “Video Playback Speed Control” up the cue on your Roadmap. It seems such a core need and simple to implement. Without it searching for a specific event is intolerable if not impossible. And isn’t that why we use Wyze? Truly great product otherwise!!


Direct entry of a date/time to go to would be helpful


A configurable speed option would be best (like 1.5x to 10 or something).


PLEASE add this… its such a pain to look for things happening or watch 8 hours of footage…

Please allow for a variable speed or at least 1.5x, 3x, 6x, 10x.


Right now, searching through playback is horrible. Tagging events would be nice as well within the playback so you can skip to next motion.


If you set the card recording to Event Only, then the left/right buttons can be used to move to the previous/next motion event. Most people find the event only mode most useful because (1) lot’s more time is covered by the card, and (2) not much of interest is worth recording when there’s no motion.

That said, there is another #roadmap post that you can VOTE for to mark events for playback:


I agree to have a variable speed playback option as well…10x playback might be too fast sometimes


Please consider a Fast Rewind feature as well. I too use a couple of WyzeCams to watch my dog at home and it is painful to review his activities unless you stumble onto the exact second when it occurs. Motion alerts are useless since we know he’ll be moving around quite often.


I personally would like the ability to adjust playback speed when viewing playback. This would make viewing those previous recordings much easier and faster.

.25x, .5x, 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x


The app really needs a 2x, 4x, 8x kind of fast forward/rewind feature, or a way to search movement to find something in playback.

As it is, you cannot scroll to a specific place on the timeline, or find an action without watching the video in regular time. You can try to inch forward or back by tapping the timeline, but it’s far too inaccurate, so you must watch the whole thing (or mich of it) at normal speed.

For example, I forgot to turn on notifications when I left the house, but when I got back, I knew someone had been inside. I was gone hours, but they were only inside a couple minutes. I spent hours trying to find the spot on the timeline because I couldn’t fast forward/rewind/search, and tapping the timeline isn’t accurate enough to move just a minute at a time (or even 10).

Another example: I cat-sat for a friend. Her crazy cat went totally bonkers while I was gone. He was so active that the alerts couldn’t keep up with him. For fun, I wanted to paste together a video of his craziest antics for her, but I needed to fast forward to find them. Trying to find action by tapping the timeline was just too tedious and inaccurate, so I never finished.

I dont know how difficult it would be to implement such a feature, so making it so the timeline could be opened in another video app that has those features would be hugely helpful if Wyze can’t add them themselves.


Merging with a simlar request in #roadmap. Please vote at the top left of the topic. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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The problem with this is that the whole event isn’t always recorded, and sometimes the sound trigger seems to interfere with the movement sensor. I used this at first, but had to switch to recording everything.

One issue I had was that my dogs barking at someone at my door would trigger a recording that was in process already as someone walked in the door, and it would stop recording apparently without sensing that person’s movement. I’d see the door open because it was caught by the sound-triggered recording, but then it would shut off and I wouldn’t see who came in.


Must have!!!


I bought this camera to use for 24/7 recording. I was trying to sort out a medical issue my dog was having and needed night vision.

I also have a CCTV security system for the house, but it’s been nothing but problems and it will not let me view the DVR history remotely.

Set up the Wyze camera and was impressed with how EASY IT WAS! I was set to buy 6 more cameras to replace the stupid CCTV system. Until I realized I couldn’t fast fwd through the night. It took me over an hour to find and record/save 20 minutes of video.

I would happily pay for the fast fwd feature. I can’t justify buying additional cameras and replacing the our whole system without that functionality.

I know from previous experience recording on sound or movement is very flawed. Our Ring Doorbell missed our vehicle being stolen from the driveway. Hard lesson to learn about motion recording!

So please bring us the fast fwd feature and give me a reason to impulse buy 6 more cameras.


+1 on this feature. Would also like a fast forward 10 seconds button (or something) and a rewind as dragging the slider is kind of annoying


Agree. Based on my years using my hard-wired video systems variable playback speeds are needed if not required. At 10x you will miss too much. Think about it, that covers one minutes every 6 seconds. You’ll have 6 seconds between frames. A lot can happen in 6 seconds that you won’t see. It takes less than 6 seconds for a car to drive by my house. Less than 6 seconds for someone to run through the yard. With only 10x speed you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to find an event.

I would suggest 1.5x, 2x, 4x, 6x, & 8x anything faster is not really usable.


I agree, I catch myself skipping Events due the current way.


If I could just download a days worth of video, I could fast forward in most media players, cut and copy what I needed, archive it, etc.


In my Neighborhood Watch we have Nest cameras and Ring doorbells. When we have crimes or issues in our Watch program, I’ve been amazed at how the Nest and Ring cameras failed to capture what was needed.