Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

How about a jump to next/previous event?

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Currently, you can use the < and > buttons to jump to the previous or next event in the timeline. This is helpful when the camera is set to Record events only.


I was able to go through my video minute by minute and we were able to see the bad guy in our video. Plus across the street there is another business that uses Wyze cameras, they got him too. We have put our videos together and sent them off to the police. hoping it’s enough to get this bad guy caught.

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Has there been any kind of movement with this feature? I posted on reddit last week talking about this very issue. My grandma was abused by her nurse last Friday and it took entirely way too long to go through 4 hours of video to try and locate every instance the lady put her hands on my grandma.
There needs to be a way to see the images as you’re rewinding or fast forwarding through the playback. Like maybe popup boxes like Netflix or YouTube has. There’s just way too much lag while you wait for the video to finally catch up to the time you just scrolled to.
Its absolutely ridiculous and this needs to be simplified.

We are incredibly sorry to hear that this happened to your grandmother. The person managing the Reddit account shared this with the team when you posted. There hasn’t been traction on this because our file management system makes fast forward challenging. We haven’t fully given up on it but we did have to go back to the drawing board.

We hope that your grandma is doing okay.

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You may want to hop over and vote for this wishlist item. If implemented, it would allow you to download the video from the card over the local network without having to remove the card. You could then easily scan through the video in fast forward in Windows Media Player or macOS QuickTime Player.


In addition to ff and rewind speed would be skip forward and backward to motion detected points. This way you could skip to motion events and see more then 12 seconds. I know it conflicts with cloud pay service but should have been option from beginning in my opinion.

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Are we still voting on this?? Really … this should of been implemented long ago either they can not or do not have the coders and engineers for it… Either way , Really, why so long… Should be a roll out fix like a synology update…

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We haven’t been able to get this implemented when we’ve tried but haven’t given up on it yet (so we haven’t put it in probably-not).


Was pretty bummed this wasnt a feature already as it seems pretty basic of any video playback. I want to be able to watch a few hours of footage pretty quickly to see whats gone on throughout the day - or to see how many times my dog has changed couches. Hope this happens soon!


This is pretty much the same response we have seen for a long time. Somehow I think this might get implemented one year but not any time soon , I suggest if you need or want the forward and fast forward to view quicker that you get another type of camera that supports that, there are certainly lots out there many that recently came out in the market that work very well, I keep hearing the same response over and over and over, “but haven’t given up on it yet” Getting Old!


I feel bad for Gwendolyn having to constantly defend this deficiency, and I definitely understand battling technological issues with very limited chip space.

I also GREATLY APPRECIATE the new feature where you can jump from the 12 sec event clip to that exact spot in the SD Card playback timeline. This is a HUGE improvement!!

But I am still running into situations where I need to personally scan through hours of footage to locate something that happened, but did not trigger a Wyze event - too quiet, too far away from the cam, or outside of a detection zone.

Usually this happens on cams several hours round trip drive away from me in vacant buildings connected by hotspots so that manually copying or swapping out the sd card is not a viable option.

And I agree with everyone else that recording the stream is tedious and unreliable for anything over a few minutes.

It seems to me that direct FTP access to the sd card in the cam from the mobile app would effectively solve this issue as well as any archival needs.

Just put the smaller code (SFTP server or client) in the cam and put the larger code in the app. Many (most?) modern phones or tablets could absord a 32 GB download for a brief time. Then you could dump all the 1 minute files to a desktop to massage and search as needed using any of numerous free/cheap programs.

I have seen the posts about using a WiFi capable sd card and a ribbon cable, but it seems to me that these cards just create a hotspot and you still have to be in the same room as the device to copy data off. Does anyone have more accurate details on this?

I have already upvoted “Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback” and “Direct access to SD card with download ability”.

I really like my Wyze cams, but the need for a solution or workaround is fast becoming critical. Any wisdom from anyone is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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This is seriously overdue. The only option is to remove the SD card and play it on PC - or watch hours of saved footage to catch an event


Would like to have 10 second rewind and fast forward increment capabilities instead of having to slide the scale

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Almost 2 years and no sign of this. I did not realize this until I got the camera. This is a major drawback,
I will test one camera and if I find it difficult to review the video, I will end up returning this. :frowning:


Is there currently or is it proposed that we be able to view the camera footage in advanced speed so that one could more qaulickly go through the footage to find relevant information?

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All I can say if you been watching that thread is: When PIGS FLY…

almost 2 years later. they still haven’t implement the most useful feature for a security cam. what a disgraceful company. They even removed the person detection now. Wyze team sucks

what’s even worst is most PC doesn’t have micro SD slot. We have to buy additional hardware to use it. such a pain.

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