Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

The app interface for playing back video could use some more features like speeding up the video when you looking for specific footage or just want to go through the video. So better fast forward play and rewind features.


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This doesn’t seem to properly skip between the events in the version that I have currently on my iPhone (v2.5.53).

Please try in the new release 2.6.x. If it still isn’t right, please submit a Support Request

Is there an eta of this feature?

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Can you add option for users to input specific time rather than having to drag the timeline back in Playback mode please?

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I feel this is a basic feature that is missing.


I am getting the impression skimming this thread, that making an impassioned appeal in the forum will not change the status level of this feature request.

Therefore, I will skip that and just say: it’s amazing what the little Wyze cams do for not a lot of money.

I suspect that early design decisions are responsible for what appears to be an insurmountable hurdle in what appears to be a relatively simple feature request. It’s always easy to see how early decisions affect later product enhancements AFTER the product has entered production.

Regardless: to have the equivalent of a “Palantir”, even with all its flaws and limitations for the cost of a power lunch, or “cheap date” dinner is utterly amazing.

What would be cool as a stopgap? Expose a toggle in the App UI that enables a local http server on the camera** so that one can “pull down” the contents of the SD card WITHOUT having to either: 1) pull the card or; 2) stream tons of data back through the “cloud” to get large, searchable (VLC player) offline clips.

Thanks Wyze – for making a neat, low cost camera that already does SO MUCH.

(If it could do “everything” there would be no reason to not charge $amsung/ACTi/(etc) CCTV prices – then we would be out of the $20 IP cam price point!)

** “firewall”/restrict access to connections from the LAN subnet on this little webserver…


I would think that the chip Wyze has chosen for the cameras imaging core is itself responsible for all the frustrations vented here

That chip has a limited set of instructions that can be put to work & poorly written documentation. Imagine trying to build a fairy castle just like the one you saw in the store window, with only the castoff Legos your big sister forgot about. No matter how much you wish you had a certain type of Lego, you will always have to borrow the scotch tape and make do with scraps of torn up egg carton

And in the meantime, that preppy kid down the street with a ‘G’ in his family name - his parents keep giving him Intel Max 10 FPGA chips to play with. They come with mountains of documentation, working reference designs, plug-n-play software tools, a factory-sponsored user forum, and the variants cost anywhere from $3~50 a piece depending on the required capabilities

If you pull the card out while recording, the last minute file it hasn’t finished recording wont be readable. Other than that I haven’t seen any other problems

However in the least, one should stop recording or better yet, power down the camera any time inserting or removing sd card. Also turn the cam off before unplugging especially if recording to avoid that last file not being readable.

Is there a fast forward or rewind option on playbacks without having to skip to time stamp? I would like to quickly review if there were any activities during the recorded session without having to sit and watch it play in “live” time, minute-by-minute. Just the ability to scan playback, if there is activity then play frame. Not sure if I explained my request properly, let me know if I need to elaborate. Thx


I’m really sad to see this a year later still not implemented :frowning: trying to watch back your footage to find something that the events didn’t pick up is absolutely impossible without this feature.

At the very least allow us to download footage in bulk from our camera from the local SD recording without having to remove the card from the camera. Make it work locally over wifi only and not go through the cloud servers at all and we’ll be thrilled.


I think this would be a great feature to watch the video timeline in fast speeds , I know the synology NAS units do this and it works fantastic. Please add this to the Must do list…


It would be really helpful to have the ability to fast forward and rewind playback video at different speeds (1x, 2x, 4x, …128x, etc…). As a reference, Blue Iris has this capability and I would need to change the Wyze firmware over to allow Blue Iris to manage. The ability to do this would better allow to search for something easier. The manual timeline is very sensitive and hard to work with. Thanks.


Yes, please we need this feature sooner than later! We had a break-in, the bad guys disabled our cameras so we replaced everything with Wyze and I’m not super tech-y so not completely up to snuff on how everything works and am still having some issues figuring stuff out. BUT, we’ve had some sketchy situations that our cameras alerted us to that required calling 911 and when the police show up and we want to show them some of the playback video, it is a HUGE pain in the butt trying to access some particular footage to show them when you can only use your big, stupid finger to move along the timeline and you keep missing what you wanted to show the cops. Having the ability to scan through the footage to quickly find what you need to show the police so they can go find the bad guys would be massively helpful. At the moment, all you can do is move your finger back and forth trying to access what you need, and it takes forever, because you aren’t scanning through the footage, you are skipping over it back and forth, so it’s sort of a crapshoot of when you might hit it. So please add us to the people wanting a forward/reverse scan option!!! Thanks!

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Rewatching playback needs options to adjust the speed of the video such as viewing video 2x, 3x, 4x etc. speeds. This is a much needed feature.

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Honestly, just skipping forward or back in increments (5, 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds) would make life easier. The dragging is so imprecise.


I would like the opportunity to fast forward/backward at different speeds. When I was trying to playback footage for the police, it took forever because of the dragging forwards and backwards and certainly delayed them getting the bad guys because I couldn’t get to the darn part of the video they needed to see!

I have actually need to replace 5 of my Wyze cameras because the playback is simply too aggravating to use . I need to look at playback daily for specific reasons and it literally takes me 10 minutes to find a particular moment . Really difficult . Even if there was the ability to just FF and RW and speeds to 128x would be soooo much better. I hope Wyze can put more time into getting this feature added. My Arlo’s are so much easier to use, albeit more expensive , but they are no frustrating to playback on.