Fan Activation Delay can’t adjust to By Furnace

Today I noticed the Fan Activation setting on both my Thermostats was set to 15 seconds.
I had them both set at By Furnace for months. I noticed the furnace double cycling the fan today. So I took a peek in the app.

I can go in and select By Furnace, but it puts the setting back to 15 seconds.
I can choose 15 45 or 60 and it stays at any of those.
But if I choose By Furnace it puts it to 15 seconds…WTH?

Thermostat reset.
App uninstalled and reinstalled. Cache cleared
No change…

Firmware: 1.1.18
App Version (iOS): 2.26.21

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Looks like an iOS app problem displaying the setting.
Used my Android to set it to 60 sec then exited the app.
Checked on my iPad it was set to 60.
Changed it to by furnace on the iPad and it showed 15 sec after I saved it.
Checked back on the android and it was on by furnace.

I’ll have to wait and see what it is actually set to the next time it runs.

That’s interesting. Thanks for the feedback. It’ll be interesting to see if the fan behaves as normal for you. On iOS since it sets it back to 15 when choosing By Furnace, it seems to save that, and turns the fan in after those 15 seconds.