False person detected notifications after last fw update to

Hey guys,

I just updated the firmware to and since the update I get constant person detected notifications on my patio camera that was 90% accurate before this. Now I get about 10 false alarms an hour…

Anyone having this problem? It’s so bad that I have to disable notifications.


Hi @razorseal. Actually with the latest firmware I’ve seen less false positives. What kind of things are showing up as a person? Would changing the sensitivity make a difference?

Nothing. I can only assume maybe shadows from furniture or from the wind and plants/branches moving from it.

Not once did I get a false response before. (well except it would think my dog was a person lol) now it’s often.

I always send feedback, so I hope they look at them!

Here is one that just popped up. Appears to be faulting for shadows.

Are you getting false “Person” notifications or false motion notifications?

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Person. I don’t have any other notification turned on. I’ve had close to 20 so far today. You can see there’s no person in them

Compare it to pre fw update…

Im getting so many notifications that I had to shut it off.

Would love to hear from wyze about this.

I had 59 false alarms for the morning alone but none were person detected ones. Odd how differe6the same camera can behave.

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I would definitely open a support ticket on this. You can do that here.


I never needed to contact them for support before. I hope they’re good! I was hoping they’d just notice here
… L

This is primarily a user to user forum. We are all users just like you. Some Wyze employees do read posts in here but to be honest there is so much volume they can’t possibly see them all. So we strongly suggest for issues like yours that you open a support ticket to get “official” attention from actual Wyze employees.


I put in a request.

In my past experiences, company monitors beta forums since we find bugs to have corrected.

I am sure they do, but the only sure way is to open a support ticket like you did!


@ssummerlin, have you decreased sensitivity? Based on the photos, you should not - and have not - been getting any “person detections”, so I’d say it is working just as it should.
But if getting too many false positives, need to decrease sensitivity or set up a detection area?

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I have a defined detection area to filter out activity on each camera. In my detection area, all that triggers the camera is lighting change.

I originally had sensitivity set to 50 on all cameras. I reduced sensitivity to 1 and still had false positives.

Then I wondered if I am looking at this backwards. Does more sensitivity mean it does a better job at discerning motion? I set sensitivity to 30 last night and today’s false positives increased dramatically. Maybe I should try 75 tonight.

I only had it for person detection in the past because it was so accurate… Until 2 days ago. Lol

I just counted and I had 20 today (excluding ones where it took dog as a person)

My understanding of the sensitivity setting is that it represents some % of the pixels that need to change to trigger an event - not a direct number correlation…ie: 50 doesn’t t mean 50% need to change but is a guide.


Wow. That is an eye opener :eye:.

In theory, higher the number, the more pixels need to change to be detected?

That seems to make sense.

Thank @tomp

@razorseal I’ve actually noticed I have received less person notifications. It seems to miss more events that have people in them

@ssummerlin the higher percentage sensitivity means that you’re going to increase the events activated by motion or sound. So less change in the pixels will result in an event. If you want less events, then you need to decrease the sensitivity %.


@cheaplikeafox, thanks for comments. For whatever reason, I get as many alerts at level 1 as I do at 100, 75, 50 or 25. I am seeing a lot of party cloudy skies since Autumn has arrived. Out of the loads of false alarms, all deal with light changes and near zero actually shows any true action.

I may have to go to a motion sensor as someone suggested. I need something that ignores light changes and something that tracks real motion.

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Motion detector is one way to help. Another way to decrease notifications is to set it to person notifications only so you won’t be notified for the light changes. However, the OP had problems with the latest fw update for some odd reason.

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