False motion light activations

The only thing I could guess and it is just a guess is that when you are setting it to only use the PIR motion it is still using the camera. I have a floodlight but have not paid much attention to it because it does not see much traffic. I will do some tests and see if i can replicate your issue.

Kinda a sketchy site, but has good info. Basically, headlights (and any light) have heat so it will detect it.

You do have your sensitivity high, I would lower those a lot.

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If I set it to low , when I walk out to my car it doesn’t detect me . Only when I get in and pull out the driveway do the floodlights cut on…:triumph:

I’ve had countless other brands floodlight cameras and hundreds of motion sensing lights around my property for years and I’ve never had a single one get triggered on by a passing cars headlights . Not one , only since I’ve been using my wyze floodlight does that affect me …weird

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The usb plug on the cam is physically different than the standard V3. There are also differences in the wifi module from what I have gathered.

The plug is removable from the cam (though pretty tough) and the one on the floodlight is shielded i believe to prevent interference from the higher voltage power right behind the cam.

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