False critical alerts with cameras in "home monitoring" list

I’ve been using the home monitoring service for about a year now with no trouble. I have a lot of wyze devices, I’ll guess 40+, and things run fairly smoothly having spent a lot of time tweaking it all (sensitivites, camplus AI types, detection zones, etc) to eliminate false alerts.

Inside home monitoring you can connect 5 cameras max. I’m unclear on what the point of this is, but I assume it is for the home monitoring folks to see what’s going on when there is an alarm. For context, the location where I use monitoring is armed at night but I am there during the day.

Recently, for the first time ever, I started getting false “critical alerts” from these cameras waking me up in the middle of the night. These are for ridiculous things I’ve tuned out of the cameras long ago. For example, a cobweb in the corner of one camera’s vision or a bug flying by. Occasionally I’ll get a critical “motion detected” alert from home monitoring with no event at all in the regular events list.

This tells me few things:

  1. This has NEVER happened before so something changed in the past two weeks with regard to how this all works in the app.
  2. The home monitoring section must operate independently from the rest of the app. It does not pay any attention to the camera’s settings in the “normal” wyze app.
  3. As far as I can tell, any camera inside home monitoring has no user-configurable control.

This is a huge problem and needs to be fixed. I am aware that I can turn off “critical notifications” so that it doesn’t wake me up at night, but that defeats the purpose of having them. Cameras inside home monitoring should be following the rules assigned to that camera normally, especially with regard to AI settings. If I have person detection on and sensitivity turned down I shouldn’t be alerted because a spider ran a single strand by the corner of the camera overnight.

At a minimum, we should be able to configure critical alerts for only the alarm itself with minor camera motion events only getting “push” privileges.

For now the only recourse I see is to remove all cameras from the home monitoring section until whatever broke recently gets fixed. Is this something anyone else is experiencing?

You aren’t alone. I have found that the cam’s native capability provide far more functionality than what is offered in the Security Cam section of the Home Monitoring Tab. The only added functionality I see is the horizontal scrollable events listed with each cam UI.

They recently turned this feature on again. It wasn’t working previously.

Yes. They recently flipped the switch back on.


They do have a configuration to turn it off. In the Home Monitoring Settings → Security Cams, you can turn off your Threat Alerts:

In each of your 5 security cams, you can designate what threat alerts you want to receive: