False Alerts from stationary objects

I’ve got a weird new issue. I’m getting a ton of false alarms on my driveway vehicle and person’s detected in the front yard. All for the same reason’s. I think it started happening after the very latest release candidate firmware update. All same cameras, all same outdoor lighting. All same everything with the exception of the firmware update.

Vehicle will be parked stationary and every time anything triggers a motion, whether lighting change or a bug in front of the lens, I get a ‘vehicle’ alert. Same situation with ‘person’ alerts in my front yard, only it’s due to my Christmas decorations. It happens way less during the daytime hours I think due to unchanging lighting, but still does happen. At night it’s any little lighting change or motion and it gets triggered. And I mean it’s an alert like every 5 minutes so their totally unusable for detection at night. I’ve tried to tune out any unnecessary areas but it just will not stop alerting me unless I tune out the entire FOV. And even then if a bug (as in the attached pic) comes across it acts as though the camera is still looking at the entire view (even outside the greyed out range) and alerts me of a vehicle/person.

Hopefully I articulated the situation well enough…

I just found this from July I think it was Vehicle being detected incorrectly

It describes exactly what I am experiencing, but I’m confident that it was not happening prior to a month or two ago. Unless I’m just going nuts… The standing question is why would it tag a vehicle if the FOV has been greyed out (in my attached pic I have only the front grill and bumper, but in testing it’s fully deselected).

Because there is a vehicle in the image that the AI processes. That is not what triggers the motion event to be sent to the AI, but the AI detects that there is a vehicle and it flags it. Has been that way ever since there was the option for AI processing.


This is exactly correct.

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