False Alert Everyday at same Time

Recently every night at 10:36 I receive a false alert to my outdoor camera. Battery is below 20% so wondering if that is the problem. Video shows a bright scene that goes back to normal quickly

What you describe sounds like a sudden light change. Is there some sort of timer based light in view of the camera? On many cameras such an event will trigger motion detection.

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Welcome to the forums! Able to post a video event here for a visual aid?

No timed events. Here is an example. Again same time every night. Mitt it be the battery level? Says new users cannot upload videos. What???

Are you able to charge the camera and see if the problem disappears? I wouldn’t think so given the exact time every night stuff, but ya never know.

new users need to Read a certain amount of posts or participate in threads a few times before their trust levels up and they’re able to have more permissions on the forum. I’ll see if we can skip through some of that and get some help.

@Mods able to assist? Up a trust level so we can have some visual aids here? Thanks in advance!

@Marcumb I have manually upped your forum trust level. You should be able to post video now.

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Thank you.

Certainly looks like a light turning off and the camera switching to night mode.

Agree but I have no light that comes on exactly at 1036 every evening. I’m gonna stake it out tonight and see.

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Maybe the onboard IR lights? But the camera appears to stay in night vision mode.

Looks more like the light is going off, not on.

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Agreed, the ir lights or something is turning off and then the camera is adjusting the white balance/exposure to the new view

Just bizarre it happens every night at the same time. I’m charging it now. We”ll see if that changes anything.

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I fully charged and no more issues.

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It could be a moth or other flying insect flying quickly in front of the camera and then flying off. I’ve seen this, however it would be a little strange to happen at exactly the same time.

I have the exact same problem with an indoor camera, that is plugged in.

Hi ! I have the same problem EVERY morning between 3-3:30 like clockwork! I get an alert but it is black then flashes a view of the area quickly and back to black. Every single day - during this hour - 3-4am . What would cause this?

I have same issue, however I deleted my camera and put a new outside because the video on this camera had a bad yellow tint. The battery is at 0%. Its at my cottage sitting on the table in the living room. Goes off every night at 6:29. Its not hooked to the app or the internet and when I deleted it the battery level clearly said 0%. I have no idea why it goes off. Everything is turned off because I am not there. Alexa show is on but that is on constant and if that was it, should trigger more often not at a specific time once a night. So I have no idea whats going on with them.