Failed to Enable person detection

I have 3 cameras connected to my account and had person detection set up on all 3, with notifications for only people on 2 of them. I noticed I stopped receiving notifications all together a day or two ago. When I went into the app, I noticed person notification was turned off, and person detection was off. When I try to turn it back on, I get a ‘failed’ toast notification. All firmwares are up to date on the cameras and I am using the Beta app on Android. Is anyone else seeing this issue, or is it a know issue currently?


Welcome to the community, @Wrexx0r. Can you please specify the version of Android OS, the app version, and the firmware version on the cameras affected?

Also, I think you have a typo here.

I was getting that on several cams, but persons were still being filtered. I just went to check it today and there’s different interface getting into activating it but they all seem to be on now.

I’m in the exact same situation that you are. Also I can no longer report failed person detection when I review clips.

@wesochuck, could we please get the same from you as requested from the OP? :slight_smile:

Android 10
Wyze Cam App 2.4.93

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I am having same issue. Have been using person detection from beginning. Noticed today A couple events that didn’t detect person, went to share video and noticed no option to do so. Went to enable person detection and got “failed” popup when I clicked enable.
Cam v2 (all 3 of them)
App 2.4.93
android 8.0.0

OK, everyone. I’ve reported this to Wyze. There does seem to be a trend developing. Thank you for reporting this! This is only affecting Beta versions of the app. :slight_smile:


Thank you for confirming, is a current work around to use iOS or a non-beta Android app?

Wyze thinks it’s an issue with one of their beta servers, and are looking into it. I can’t give you a timeline when it will be fixed. You do have the option to leave the beta program and go to the publicly released one, if you wish.

Probably related, but I just noticed that the app won’t let me select “receive newsletter” under " my account." No error/failed message, just won’t allow toggle to be selected.

And I get a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable on the shop tab

I am also experiencing the same. I’m on Android and all firmware is completely up to date however I just switched to Beta today and when I went to check the settings, I started receiving the failed notice as well.

The beta server issue was resolved yesterday; not sure when. If you’re still seeing the same issues, please let us know here! :slight_smile:

Definitely seems better today

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Same issue on one cam, app iOS beta. I’m not able to activate it on one cam. Latest firmware.

Hi @ioan! “Latest” is subjective depending on when a post is read. Please provide the app and firmware versions you are using so the community can better assist you. :slight_smile:

iOS app 2.5.35(2) beta
Cam firmware

After thinking about this, and because it’s only the one camera with the problem, are you able to re-flash the firmware on just that camera to see if that fixes the issue?

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