Fail to share / upload file

While reviewing event clips I share via the ‘I saw a person’ or ‘Didn’t see a person’ pop-up, but I’ve been getting lots of fails. Not sure if that’s a beta issue or not. *(edit) I noticed it’s more of an issue on CMC clips.


I started having the same issue today. Only my V2 with CMC seems to be affected.

same issue here

I opened a support ticket last week on this issue. It was closed with no response.

When you opened the support ticket was it through the beta version of the app, if so those go straight to the devs and you do not usually get a response

Not beta, it was for the live version.

Did you get a ticket number?

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Ticket 384806

I will see if I can get someone to look into this.

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Hello! Jason told me about your ticket so I did some digging for you.

Looks like we sent a message back to you on Friday through ticket 384786 that we don’t have an update for you at this time. Looks like you had a bunch of tickets in and several were merged together to make it easier for us to go through them.

The ticket 384786 has been closed as well but that is because the support team doesn’t have anything further to offer you since we need to wait on the engineering team before a resolution can be found.


Well. Just to clear, ticket 384786 was not for this problem. 384806 was for the problem in this thread. They were being handled by different people and not merged.
No need for anything further on my part.

I’m seeing the same issue as well

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now u know the answer. because the AI company terminates the contract so upload is stopped

Yeah, when I saw that announcement, I had the same thought, that this issue was probably related. Unfortunate. :neutral_face:

I kinda hope Xnor crashes and burns, but maybe I shouldn’t say that here. :laughing:

I too think it’s related and may explain why no response to my ticket.

Nerdland - since you said it, I don’t have to. :rage:

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Don’t know if it’s related but couldn’t view playback on my micro sd card. Whenever I tried, it said the camera disconnected. So I had to reboot the camera. Checked the settings and turned out the micro sd card was almost full. I had it record continuously. Reformatted and no more issues. That includes sharing as well.

I’ve had the same thing happening randomly on cams where I had continuous recording and had been using the card for several months to a year. Discussion here about HighEndurance cards prompted me to switch and I’ve had no more problems with them. I was using SanDisk 32GB and switched to their HE version.
Once I started having to reformat the original cards it seemed like the problem got more frequent. Makes sense.

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