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Ok so I did he test with a New V3 Camera just setup. It put me on the CamPlus Trial even though I am on the unlimited (99) CamPlus licenses. Don’t think this will cause an issue.

I have facial Recognition and Person selected for both. Garage is the V2 Camera Garage v3 is the v3 camera (guess I did not need to say that) :slight_smile:

I lined them up as close as I could to get the same angle. Eliminating as many variables as I could. Still does not work on the v3. This was a great suggestion and shows what I and others are experiencing.

Event Screen Showing the v2 indicated me and the v3 only said person

v2 Camera showing Face was recognized

v3 Camera only showing person

They definitely look like close to the same angle, at this point I think we can rule out environment and angle issues, hopefully this can help them get things working

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Trying some additional testing. Curious if it is working for you? If so, are you Android or iOS?

I honestly have not done much testing on it lately and my cams are at some extreme angles to get a facial detection. This weekend I may set some up and test again, I am on Android to answer your question though.

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Thanks, I just did another test but used my test iPhone and reset the vdb and the new Garage v3 camera CamPlus Settings.

Here is what I happened

I could not remove the trial license from my Android phone for the new v3 I was testing with. I ended up doing it from my iPhone and, while on the iPhone, I had to select the CamPlus options (Face and Person) again. I then went to the garage and tested (Nothing else changed), and the camera reported me on both camera’s. Figuring I was onto something, I decided to use the iPhone, removed the vdb from CamPlus (unassigned) backed out and then assigned it again. As with the Garage v3, I had to go into the vdb and setup the AI preferences. On this, I removed the vehicle only. Everything else is selected. I then went out to my Front Door and it recognized me. So it could be a bug with Android Devices. Not sure, but I am closer to the potential problem, I think. Here are some images:

Now to be fair, the second time I went into the garage neither Garage Camera identified me. Guess I am forgettable. :slight_smile: . Tomorrow I will test with the Driveway and Porch Cams to see if I have success with those as well.

I would like to figure this out so I can let Shawn know what I have found.


Looks like you are definitely getting good data to give Shawn. This could be a reason many are saying it does not work


Yea, here is something more interesting now. I went in to look at my events as I am getting person Alerts on my Driveway. I noticed that the Events which labeled me in them have now changed. So the issue may be bigger than expected.

This was the Front Door Image posted above (Android Device was used for this image):

This is what it is now on the Android Device

And this is what it is on the iOS device

This was the original Garage Image above (v2 and a v3 camera)

This is what it is now on my Android Device

And this is what it is on the iOS Device

Notice how the v2 (Labeled as Garage) maintained the “Tony” name. The v3 and vdb did not.

  • iOS now says motion and not person for the v3, Android says nothing (blanked out the name) for the v3.
  • iOS now says motion for the vdb andname blanked out for the v3

So this is a definite issue with the vdb and the v3 as it relates to the events storage and maintaining state or meta data.


Wyze is so lucky to have you test things like this. You are so great at testing and figuring out stuff and helping them improve stuff. If they don’t have you beta testing hardware, they really should just because of how thorough and insightful you are on bugs and such like this. I’m glad you’re here buddy. I’ve been trying to figure out for months why and how there is some kind of issue with V3’s and VDB Facial detection and you’re doing amazing at narrowing it down. Just proud of you buddy, happy we’re friends.


Thanks for the words and compliments. Feeling is mutual. You have to realize that you guys make me want to do this and continue. I truly feel like I am helping. But I have said this before and truly believe it, I pale in comparison to you and your ability to logically lay things out so that the masses can understand. I am getting better at that, thanks to both of you, but still have a ways to go. This is a team effort here, and we all contribute in many different ways and support each other. As with you, I am proud to call you all my friend.


@WyzeShawn @WyzeJasonJ @carverofchoice

Still testing, but wanted to share my findings so far.

Last night I removed the Porch and Driveway Cam from CamPlus via the iPhone. I then added it back in, also via the iPhone, and set Facial on the camera’s. I now have the following camera’s, with facial recognition, and have been removed and added back via an iPhone.

  • Garage v2 camera
  • Garage v3 camera
  • Driveway v3 camera
  • Porch v3 camera
  • VDB

All seem to be reporting facial recognition now as you can see in the images.

Here is what I believe the problem could be

There may be a bug with the Android App when assigning AI preferences.

  1. Facial Recognition Menu choice on the Accounts page is indented where as on iOS it is not. Here is where I posted it: 2.24 Wyze App RC Test 8/25/2021 - #22 by spamoni4

  2. I tried removing the cameras from CamPlus and then adding them back in, via my Android device, with no luck. Did the same process with the iPhone, as stated in the beginning of this post, and it seems to be reporting on face now. I have 4 more cameras to do, and will try to do it later this afternoon - but I will utilize the Android device first to confirm my suspicions again. Unless Wyze found something and corrected it. :slight_smile:

  3. A new face added to the facial page allows you to set a name to it. This can be done via the event or in the facial recognition menu option. However, after about 2 minutes, iOS will simply switch the event to Motion and Android will blank out the name. Please note, I did the name setting on the Android device not the iPhone, so I believe it is related to the Android as well and the saving of the Meta Data.

I know I need to do more testing, but it is becoming apparent that it may be related to Android and not iOS. It could be related to how the Meta Data is being stored or sent for storage. Speculation on the Meta Data. However, it is a bit strange that the issues only occur when I use the Android Phone to setup the AI preferences as well as assigning a name.

More to come later…


…Here is the update
So I did more testing today and I have had success all around with my Cameras and Face Recognition.

  • Patio v3 Cam
  • Backyard v3 Cam
  • Side Gate v3 Cam
  • Driveway v3 Cam
  • Porch v3 Cam
  • VDB
  • Garage v2 Cam
  • Garage v3 Cam

In order for me to get Facial recognition on these Cameras I had to dp the following, not sure if it is a fluke, but it worked for me.

  1. I tried using Android to set the Facial Recognition for the Camera. Although it went through the process, it did not work for me. I had to remove CamPlus from the Camera and then add it back again. I had to do this from my iPhone. Once I did this, I was able to get Facial Recognition to work.

  2. I added Facial Recognition to the Backyard Camera from the Android Phone. It did pick up my face and report it back to me. However, I am not sure if I added CamPlus via the iPhone as I was having issues with one of the Beta releases and accessing CamPlus from the Phone. I ended up using the iPhone to setup items for CamPlus. This may have been one of those Camera’s.

  3. I used the iPhone to remove and add CamPlus back to my Side Gate Camera and when I walked by, it recognized me.

  4. @WyzeJasonJ is correct, angle and placement makes a difference when detecting the face, My garage Cameras are about 7 feet off the ground and it has not issues recognizing me. But others placed higher needs me to look at it for recognition.

Basically, I have had 100% success when setting up CamPlus via an iPhone. Seems like the best thing to do, if you are having issues, is to remove CamPlus from your Cameras and then add it back again after backing out of the CamPlus area. I am even getting consistent package notifications which were sporadic before, if at all. Using the Android Device was also successful, but primarily for the v2 Camera.

In addition, when I worked with the Unknown faces on an Android Device, it was hit or miss on how it would behave. Most of the time, My Name would disappear on Android and in iOS it would switch to Motion. When I manipulated Unknown faces via iOS, I did not experience this issue,

All this to say, it appears the issues is primarily with Android and not as apparent when on an iOS device.

Here are a few pics to show it recognized me on my Cameras:

One Last Update

I added names to the following faces via the Android Device. Here is a sample of what happens to the Name followed by the event show unknown. Directly above are the same events appropriately labeled. However, after about 2 minutes or so, the name disappears and becomes unknown as shown below. The ones added via iOS persists without issues.


This is all amazing information and I commend how thorough and informative you testing and posts have been. Sounds like there are problems in Android and that is the only platform I currently have access to, but I am hoping I can do some testing this weekend.


Be curious if you experience the same as I have. Thanks for the feedback.

Just an additional FYI, I just looked at the events which were blanked out in the image above. It now shows the name after I reset the name with my iPhone.

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Its great that you are doing all this testing! I just wish Wyze would comment on this. I have never seen anything posted by the Wyze Coders as to how this should work. What is to be expected from Face Recognition. Yesterday was the first time I saw a video from the face tab in events. It was my wife. We walk by these cameras many many times a day. We are on IOS. (Iphone). Again Wyze said this feature would be working early 2021. Now they say just 2021. I dont expect them to make that objective. Disappointing!

I was having a lot of issues as you can see above. Which is why I started to do my testing. Are you in the Beta App for iOS? I am in 2.24.34.

I would test with one camera or the VDB and simply remove it from CamPlus and back out from the CamPlus location to the main screen or the Home Tab. Then go back into the CamPlus area and add the VDB or Camera back in. After which, go to the device in the home tab, start the camera, go to settings then the Event Recording and finally CamPlus and pick which AI notifications you would like.

I know you probably know this, but wanted to get it out. :slight_smile:


Found another issue with Facial Recognition, But this time is is with iOS and the selection of recorded faces.

I started the app, went to Account and then Facial Recognition. This is what I didL

  • Selected my Name from the Facial Recognition Page
  • Selected Edit - Top Right
  • Chose Select from the list and faces showed up.
  • Started to scroll…

iOS (Scrolled until Loading appeared, did not continue to scroll)

  • I scrolled up until Loading Started
  • Waited until Loading stopped as I have aboiut 3 pages of faces
  • Loading stopped page 2 loaded and then immediately the last page loaded


  • I scrolled throught the faces without issues.
  • Went from top to bottom of all the faces and it was fluid and scrolled.

Here is a video of what my experience is like. iOS is buggy, Android seems to work better in this case



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Is there any way to select multiple faces to assign to a name? I found that you can select multiple faces when you want to delete faces from an assigned name. I am having to select one face at a time to assign a name to it. And I got pages and pages of faces. You would think this option should have been created already.

I agree. I had the same issue. I want to train the AI to recognize the faces better but it’s so burdensome to group faces together. Plus, I’m surprised I’m still adding faces to the same people so many times. How many faces do you figure the AI needs to recognize a face accurately?

Please go vote for the wishlist here:

I recall somewhere in the forums Wyze Shawn indicated to community members that they are looking into making it easier to assign faces without having to do so many individually. So hopefully this is forthcoming, but still vote for it to indicate the desire is stronger with more people.

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