Face masks "in stock" on order page, then "out of stock" once you pay

This may help


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I don’t think the click-baiting is intentional. Wyze has clearly shown they have real issues with web technology. The store on the website vs. the store in the app are always having issues on one side or the other. The payment method you choose determines if the order you just made shows up on your account, and so forth. When they edit pages they lose history and break existing links and on and on.

Frankly it’s hard to believe they are a tech company when so much of their product line and infrastructure is so shaky. These problems have all existed for over a year and they are getting worse not better. I keep hearing them mention they are using hosted solutions to “save money” but frankly that’s BS. Instead of saving them any money it’s costing them in terms of customer support and customer loyalty.

Frankly I spent over $200 to replace all my Wyze sense and Wyze plugs. It’s worth it to me to have tech that actually works even if it costs more. I should get my first replacement plugs tomorrow ( the order history on their website actually works :grinning: ). I am keeping one contact sensor, one motion sensor and one Sense bridge for now. The rest are gone. All my Wyze plugs will be replaced shortly. I am down to one bulb. The cameras will stay, except for the two where I really need Person Detection. Those I hope to replace with Eufy 2K cameras. Failing that I will use the new Logitech Circle cameras.

Shame but they honestly seem to have trouble with ALL their products. The Band tries to pair with anything nearby, the scale seems okay but all I use is the weight. All the other functions were badly erroneous.

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Had the same problem. 18 days later and still no masks. I still want them just not pleased with this experience or how it’s been handled.


I just placed an order 15 minutes ago after seeing they were in stock only to receive the same notification. This is absolutely absurd, I should have learned me lesson after it took a month to get my thermometer.


This was just posted in another thread.

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It appears that the page has been updated since I posted the link and the masks are in stock and shipping.

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Okay, so that page you linked now says, “We now have KN95 mask in-stock and are now shipping. We are unable to cancel these orders now.”

I have not received any confirmation over email or otherwise that my order has shipped, in fact my order, which has already been paid for, doesn’t even appear in the “My Orders” section of the My Account page. No tracking number, no shipping confirmation, no way to cancel.

This is a bit of a problem as I am literally moving to another state in a few weeks. So what am I supposed to do now?

When I posted that link the page had a line for an email address and an order number. I had previously used it myself and my credit card purchase for the masks was refunded. I noticed later that the page had been updated and I posted a correction.

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It takes some real b…ls to do not ship something out but send an email out that says we have new Masks in you’ll get them in a few days order now. The kn95s are not going to kill me one way or the other . But I also got that screenshot dated May 12th. Real soon now real soon now real soon now. Don’t know how old some of you people are. This is decades ago. The commodore Amiga computer. Commodore folded. The IP was bought up and passed around over and over. Every time someone bought it,. “Real soon now we’ll have exciting new products”. It got to be a joke. ultimately the only thing that was worth any money was the commodore logo and even that wasn’t worth a lot.

Yeah, I fell for this on the first round. Once they were “in stock” it took almost a week to ship.
At least I got my free Wyze Bulb fairly quickly. We do like the design of these masks, You can leave the bottom folded in and your glasses don’t fog up.

I ordered two boxes about $29 and received them, but it took a while longer than anticipated. I also noticed that Wyze double-billed by VISA card. I contacted them last week about it to receive a credit for the double billing and haven’t received a response. Next step is to place a dispute on the charge with my bank.

I am sorry you had issues with a double billing. If this has not been resolved yet could you give me the order number and I will get someone from WYZE to look into this as soon as I can.

Order 002009505, I have not yet received the credit for the double billing.

Thank you

I ordered KN95 masks on May 14th and they were "Out Of Stock " Received the order via USPS at 11:00 AM on May 22nd - not too bad …but I received an email from Wyze stating my order shipped . The email arrived after the masks … May 22nd at 1:00 PM…
Yes you would think a technology company could do better at ordering and tracking .

I still have not received the credit to my visa card. What is going on?

As a point of information, I decided against using Wyze and ordered more KN95s from their (former?) distributor on 5/27/20. I got confirmation on 5/29 and the US Postal Service says I’ll be getting them Tuesday 6/2/20.

They arrived this morning, on schedule. I have not had a problem with those guys, yet, other than the crazy shipping charge ($10 per item).

No positive movement from Wyze about the double billing for my order since April 21st - it’s now June 17th. I have placed dispute on my Visa and will seek out other merchants for my business in the future. Goodbye.

FYI the direct distributor just got rid of their crazy $10 per item charge and now offers “free” shipping. Sorry you are having trouble getting them through Wyze.