Extremely slow when casting to Google cast devices

I have 4 devices that I cast my Wyze Cam to, and all 4 ar so slow and laggy it’s almost not even worth doing! I’m better of casting from my phone to my TV or smart display rather then do it the native way. I have a 250Mbps download speed; however, my ISP throttles my upload speed to 10Mbps, but none of that should really matter when I’m casting to a device on the same network right? I have a Google Wifi mesh network with speeds capable of 1Gb and plenty of signal strength throughout my house and garage, all my devices work perfectly including the Wyze Cams themselves. The only issue is when I ask my Lenovo Smart display, Lenovo smart Clock, NVidia Shield, or my Nexus Player to “show me” Wyze cam. 1st of all it comes up but takes a while (that part I’m not too concerned with) but when it shows up it constantly buffers making the stream almost useless, occasionally it will play live for a small amount of time, then start buffering again, also it sometimes cuts off. Anyone else have this issue, if so is there a way to stop it? Or does Wyze or Google just have to fix this? I also have 2 Nest cams and a Nest Hello which (as you would expect) stream perfect to ANY device.


A well known issue and Wyze is investigating (search the forums). I’ve had the same problem for many months with my V2 cam(s) streaming via Google Assistant to the Chromecast dongle on my TV. Namely, 30 secs or so to establish the connection, perfect stream for about 90 secs, then freezes due to buffering.

Oh, well I hope they figure it out soon, it’s really annoying! I’m new to this forum so I haven’t gotten a chance to search around much. I did however search chromecast and didn’t find that specific thing. Anyway, thanks for the info!


The following thread is lengthy, but it’s still active and contains a lot of good information. :wink:

Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

I have the same problem, it seemed like it worked better last year before the elasticsearch exposure and they invalidated all the tokens, which shouldn’t matter so probably just an unrelated observation. It is for the reason of this thread that I’m going to give rtsp a try using a vms on my Linux server I recently resurrected, but I still need to rebuild and update it just haven’t found the time.

Same here. I actually don’t use it anymore. Not helpful.

Willing to bet it’s 100% politics since Google owns nest. A competitor.

So has there been any updates to this?

Not that I’ve seen. I’ve given up on it. Slow when it works. Usually doesn’t.

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