Extremely dissatisfied with Wyze customer service; However, after 2.5 weeks it was made right and corrected

Sounds like you did not properly update your shipping information.
I know when I sign into the store account I can verify and edit the addresses for my account. Which I do before I order anything from anywhere.
Edited to add the word ‘store’ before account.

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@gemniii is not a Wyze employee but I am. I apologize for the experience that you had with our support and I’ll bring it up to the team and follow up on your ticket when in the office tomorrow. Thank you for letting me know about this problem.

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I don’t close threads. I’m not a moderator. I don’t work for Wyze.
I was agreeing with you on the support issue, it seems that they have a checklist of things they tell you to do and they do not always note that you wrote them you did it,

BUT - You had one sensor go bad. The sensors are 4 for $20 plus shipping. So I was trying to point out it’s 5 bucks, customer support will get around to it, it’s not worth “ripping all that is Wyze from” your house.



@gemniii stop being a [MOD EDIT], we all know Wyze is a great company that offers an amazing camera for an amazing price.

You have offered nothing to this post other than to criticize anyone including myself who has a bad experience with the company.

Nobody cares about your great experience’s; however, people do care about their own experience with customer support.

@WyzeGwendolyn (who is awesome BTW) has posted a few times about my experience & I have a lunch set up with the CEO to discuss the poor customer support.

Having said all that, instead of attacking people who come to this forum, do Wyze a favor & support people who come here as you sound like an intelligent person…


That’s just strange. I don’t understand the big deal sir. It was a simple mistake and miscommunication. It can happen with any company offering the same type of products. I have 7 wyze cams inside and outside all are working great. Throwing out 11 cams because of a support issue is ridiculous. Now what if you run into the same thing with your new cams that cost alot more than the wyze cam, are you going to toss them out to?

Wyze Cam Quick Start Guide (product insert c. 12/2018)

Support Request Received email (auto-generated first response to support request)


Ya know, I once bought a single board computer from some guys in California and I had to re-solde some resistors and a dip chip to get it to work. Customer service was non existent but they were a small, new company with sub A series funding. Couple of guys both named a Steve if I remember correctly. Did finally get it to work though.


It seems as though the Community Guidelines may not have been followed recently on this topic.


In this situation, the moderators’ instructions are to temporarily close the comments and to call in a Wyze employee. The Wyze employee may open comments again after they have a chance to review this thread.


I apologize for my delay getting back to this thread.

For the future, if the language of other community members needs to be addressed. please flag the post and a moderator will handle it. And though our products are low cost, Wyze expects better support and I was glad to see the report. I escalated it internally and when I went to check on the ticket on Monday I found that a replacement had already been offered.

As a reminder to everyone here, we have a family-friendly forum and profanity is prohibited. Please refrain from using it here. I am glad that I was given the heads up that support was less than what we strive for in these instances and I used the opportunity to investigate these issues and work with the team to improve our service going forward.

These posts aren’t fun but they are important. They give Wyze the opportunity to improve. And we are aiming to have great products and great service. The price shouldn’t factor into it and we let these people down. It is important to us to fix it so please do not downplay their experiences.

As for spreading the word more effectively about the forum and other communities, this is a goal and we have a few projects in progress that will hopefully help with this. It makes sense that some people have more difficulty learning about these resources and we aim to fix that.


Hi Gwendolyn. Thank you for getting back.

Michael did reach out Monday morning and ask for the screenshots that I sent Diamond a week ago. I sent them, but have not heard back since.

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Thank you for letting me know. I will check on your ticket again tomorrow when in the office. I will likely take it over at this point since I know that a replacement has been approved for you.


Well I am absolutely certain when something protecting your family fails and when you reach out to a company they screw up more than 15 times I am sure your point of view will change.

All 11 camera’s including the 12th one have been out to good use thanks to Wyze.


I expect a product to work and when it does not, I expect the company to make it right…

Considering you took the time to highlight the fact Wyze tells you in the instructions and e-mail’s to reach out to there forum… Why? So I can be brow beaten like you just did.

Ok, maybe “jack@#$” offended everyone on here, but @gemniii has done a great disservice to this forum by objecting to everything I have mentioned about in this forum that @peepeep so drastically says I do.

At the end of the day Wyze is an amazing cost effective camera. My only issue was one stopped working after 6 months so I reached out to customer support and they were awful; however, after posting on this forum @WyzeGwendolyn got to the bottom of it and issue has been resolved.

All 11 camera’s including the 12th one which Wyze replaced all have been put to good use so case closed!

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Awesome @peepeep well I did an I got brow beaten for it, even though I had an honest claim for my anger against Wyze!

Not sure I would rely on a $20 device to “protect my family”. Definitely sure I would have tried a few cams before committing. As an adjunct to a real security system, I don’t think there’s anything else in the marketplace that provides a better bang for the buck.


Long thread. High emotions. But I don’t think it’s a very good idea to use Wyze for security. With the time out interval, I’m always missing events that I know happened because some bush was blowing just before the UPS driver came by. Wyze is fun, but it’s not good security.


Hmmm! I have 7 wyze cams. I use them for security, not sure why anyone wouldn’t it’s a web cam for Pete’s sake. I am able to view from anywhere and be alerted when something is going on in the vicinity of the cams.

  1. I have recorded car prowlers steer away from our cars in front of the garage because of the cams
  2. I am able to see who delivers packages and record the event or record who is at the front door.
  3. I have four wyze cams outside the house and the cams are doing a great job. The cams been through the winter and during cold, rainy and windy weather for over 8 months.
  4. I have caught my daughter sneaking her boy friend through the back yard trying to avoid the front door cam. Little did she know I had a security cam setup on that side of the house lol.

There is no one, I mean no one that can tell me that the wyze shouldn’t be used as a security cam . That is just ridiculous. Considering I had a pricier cam that didn’t do half as much as the the wyze cam.