External power option for Wyze Sense devices

I’d like power supply inputs on motion and contact switched so that if devices are mounted out of easy reach they can have wired power and only use their battery during power failure. These battery aren’t lasting near a year as per spec and getting a ladder out to change a battery every few months is a pain especially after the sticky is used to put them up. Using a power supply would be optional and not come with the devices so as to not make them more expensive.

I really like the size and how they’re self contained. I wouldn’t be on board with one that has a power supply myself. But we all have every needs.

How about an adjunct little 9v battery box with a regulator to be compatible with wyze sense OR change form factor of wyze sense to accommodate a better battery?

It may not fit your circumstance but I’ve connected 3 of mine to POE adapters powered by an inexpensive POE switch.

You can power you cameras up to ~300 feet away with them. I ran a CAT5 cable for each one trough the attic and put the adapter on the end and then drilled a 1/4 inch hole in the soffit and to run the original Wyze power cord through and plugged it in the adapter and the cameras came up. They’ve been running on this setup for 3 months with no issues. If you have soffit air vents you can take the easy way out and remove the one closest to you camera and run the wire through the opening and then put the cover back on.

The cameras are still Wireless this device doesn’t turn them into wired cameras.

Note: If you need it the network will work over the RJ45 but you must manually set your Ethernet port/switch to 100mbs (not auto or gigabit).